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A Love Spell to Break up a Couple

A list of choices for a love spell to break up a couple. Make sure you choose the right kind of spell to separate your targets.

Choosing the Best Love Spell to Break Up a Couple

Separation magic, much like reconciliation magic,is highly specialised work, and is best undertaken by someone who has experience in spellcasting so that the full potential of a spell is unleashed, allowing the magic to operate at maximum capacity. While it is certainly possible to attempt a love spell to break up a couple on your own, it is a good idea to combine your novice efforts with those of a professional spellcaster. This is especially important where the couple in question are in a settled, stable relationship, as longer term connections are the hardest to break up and benefit from services rendered by someone very experienced, rather than someone who is a novice.

Break up Spell Work Options

Selecting a love spell to breakup a couple should primarily focus on how long the couple have been together. Whether they are married or living together without being married is not relevant. The most important thing is to choose a spell whose strength is most appropriate to the situation. This is why I have several options for separation spell work, rather than just the one.

New Relationships: If the couple have just started dating, or have been together just a few weeks, a basic Hoodoo love spell to break up a couple will suffice. Separation magic for new couples can be found over in the Hoodoo love spells section. You can order a single casting, or a double casting, or a triple casting, depending on what strength of magic you would like.

A Few Months Together: Let's say the couple in question have been seeing one another for a few months. This will require something stronger. In this instance, I would advise the black magick 'Break Them up' spell, which can be found in the black magic separation spells area.

6 Months or More: A relationship that has endured for 6 months or more is well on its way to solidifying and will require much stronger magic to break down the connection. In this case, you would need the Destruction spell. This is my strongest love spell to break up a couple and is also suitable for people who have been together many years.

Additionally, if you do not like the idea of doing black magic, there is an alternative option involving super intense spellcasting that you can check out. Pop over to the 30 day breakup spell page, where I discuss a special 30 day long magic spell that uses Hoodoo magic.

My Hoodoo Confusion and Inflammatory Confusion spells are the perfect choice to create discord between a couple

Additional Spell Work to Separate a Couple

In conjunction with a straightforward love spell to break up a couple, you might also wish to consider what I call 'add on spell work'. This can be especially helpful where the couple have been together a long time (over a year, for example) OR when you feel that the relationship you are targetting needs an extra push, perhaps because they seem to be especially close, or maybe because one of them has a very stubborn nature and it might therefore help to 'throw more magic' their way to facilitate the breaking down of very strong shields. Whatever your reasons may be, there are two famous Hoodoo formulas that I recommend, both of which offer the perfect pairing with a love spell to break up a couple:

(1) Confusion: While this spell is often used in revenge cases, it is an excellent choice if you want to ramp up the dissent between the couple you are trying to separate. The Confusion spell works to cause disharmony between two people, while also creating conditions in their life that cause stress or chaos, either of which can easily lead to arguments between two people.

(2) Inflammatory Confusion: This Hoodoo magic spell operates along the exact same parameters as the previous one, only this time the energies are ramped up greatly, so it's kind of like 'Confusion on steroids'.

Both of these magic spells can be found over in the enemy magic section, where they can be ordered as a basic single casting, although you are free to add more castings to increase the energy. For an all out assualt on the relationship in question, either of these spells can be turned into a custom 30 day spell service.

Will I Experience Bad Karma if I order a Love Spell to Break up a Couple?

The notion of spells backfiring or causing some sort of negative feedback is not a belief all magical practices subscribe to. It's certainly what gets popularised on TV, but this is real life, not a movie! If you have a nervous disposition and are inclined to worry a lot about this idea, then it's probably best not to take the course of ordering a love spell to break up a couple. What our mind focuses on has a tendency to manifest, so a person who is freaking out about a spell backfiring may inadvertently attract conditions into their life that make them believe the spell has 'rebounded on them', when it was nothing to do with the separation spell they ordered! Before ordering anything, you might want to check out my spellcasting FAQs, where I cover all the most commonly asked questions relating to magic.

I hope this brief article outlining the available options for a love spell to break up a couple has brought some clarity to aid in your choice. Should you have any follow up questions, or if you are unsure about someone, please reach out using the contact form.


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