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Prices shown are for ONE casting of your chosen Hoodoo enemy and revenge spell. Add the item TWICE for a double cast or THREE times for a triple cast (each extra casting adds strength)


CONFUSION : This enemy spell brings confusion and befuddlement to those who are working against you in any way. It works to create chaotic conditions in their life and also to cause infighting between the offending parties.

INFLAMMATORY CONFUSION : Similar to the above enemy spell, but a more ramped up version of it. This spell inflames the dissension and conflict, causing great misunderstandings and quarrels

CROSSING : This enemy spell works to create negative, crossed conditions in the target's life, bringing about bad luck and problems

JINX : Similar to the Crossing spell above, only a far more potent version which creates stronger negative consitions so the person is basically "jinxed"

DEVIL'S SHOESTRING : This spell works to restrain your enemy, to prevent them from being effective in their attempts to cause you problems. Traditionally, this spell is also used for situations where the enemy in question is not incarnate, so for example a troublesome spirit can be tied down and restrained.

STOP GOSSIP : This spell target's people in your life who are talking behind your back, spreading rumours or lies or gossip. It works to stop them from acting this way and it also works to prevent people from believing their lies

HOT FOOT : This enemy spell works to drive away unwanted people from your life. If you have a troublesome ex, a problematic neighbour, a co-worker who is driving you crazy or any other type of person you want gone from your life, this is the spell to choose .

TIED : This spell is for troublesome people in your life. It works to stop their ability to interfere in your life, so if there is a 3rd party causing you issues, choose this spell.

I CAN, YOU CAN'T : A spell that targets any kind of rival in your life,  this formula works to hold that person back so you can get ahead of them and come out on top of the situation.

RESTLESS : This payback  spell works to cause the target turmoil. It targets their mind and also their dreams to cause them to feel disturbed. Most often this spell is used to cause the target to keep having this sense of being unsettled until they fall in line with your desires.

REVERSING : If you believe someone has jinxed or cursed you, this enemy spell sends the jinx or curse right back to that person , to give them a taste of their own nasty medicine. If you believe in Karma, think of it as the natural order of Karmic Payback.

KEEP AWAY ENEMIES : This spell wards off undesirable people and works to maintain peace in your own life.

REVENGE : This spell is for exacting justice upon whoever has done you wrong.

JEALOUSY :  This spell is to make the target feel envy and jealousy.

UNTRUTHFUL : If you suspect someone is not telling you the truth about something, this spell will work to make that person come clean about their lies.

Hoodoo Enemy & Revenge Spells

  • You can mix and match any spells. Prices for Hoodoo Enemy and Revenge spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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