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spellscasting & magickFAQ

There's a lot to cover here as there are many questions that get asked regularly. Please take the time to check this section out before asking me anything. 

do you provide proof that spells have been cast?

While this is very unusual in this field of work, I do indeed provide proof. Please refer to the Photographic Proof section for full details.

are spells guaranteed to work?

Any spell caster that claims this is misleading you. While the comparison is perhaps crude,if you go to the doctor to get treated for something, does the doctor guarantee the prescription or treatment will work? No, because this is not possible or realistic. I appreciate this may concern you, especially if you buy something more expensive. However, while I cannot "guarantee" a spell will work, at the same time, I have been in business online for many years now and throughout this time I have built up a large base of returning customers; repeat custom constitutes around 50% of my business, which says a lot!


At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose by trying and much to potentially gain. I have a great online reputation and doubt I'd have remained in business since first coming online around 2006 if I wasn't any good at what I do!


I regularly get emails from people telling me how my spell work has helped them;you can read their comments over at the reviews section


No. This school of thought does exist, and you may well have come across it on other websites, but this is not a belief held by all practitioners. it can depend (a)on the system of magick practiced, and tenets of thought associated with those systems and (b)the personal beliefs or opinions of the individual practitioner.


My attitude to all magick I practice is thus: A spell will either work, or it won't work. It won't cause the opposite effect it is intended for, it won't "punish" the person who asked to have it done. As for "karma", you must remember that the concept of karma is a belief system, not a proven "fact". Yes, the physics of the Universe we find ourselves in operates according to rules of "cause and effect" but the principles of this concept are-in my opinion- warped and exaggerated by the spiritual/religious overlays that human beings have invented in order to try and make sense of life. We can debate and discuss "karma" at length- everyone has their own take on this subject!


I have practiced magick for years now and never overthink it's modus operandi. If someone experiences what they consider "bad" or "negative" conditions in their life after having spell work done, it is human nature to instantly consider some link between the two, and less common to remind oneself that "bad stuff happens" - that's just LIFE !


There is nothing dark/evil/bad about any of the spells I perform. Having spell work done is not going to create more problems for you, it's not going to invite spirits or entities into your life (unless the spell is specifically designed for that). You are not going to rack up "bad karma", it is not going to negatively impact anyone in your life (again,unless the spell is designed for that).


If none of this reassures you, then having spell work done is probably not the solution for you.

how long do spells take to work?

Answers to these kinds of questions will vary practitioner to practitioner, so there's no "rule for all types of magick" I'm afraid. In MY experience-and what I tell all clients- a spell can begin to work right away, or it may take a few weeks, and in some cases it can take up to as long as 90 days. Basically, a spell has what I call a "window of time" in which it can work. That window opens the day of the casting/first casting and closes approximately 90 days after the spell ENDS. These guidelines apply to ALL types of magick I sell.

That said, I've been doing this long enough now, gathering much feedback in my inbox from the thousands of people I've worked for, to notice how in many (but not all) cases, stronger spell work often tends to act faster. But I must repeat: I cannot guarantee faster results from stronger magick. Results will vary from case to case, person to person. I wish there was a way to offer a more solid response but magick is not an exact/predictable science. You must prepare to be patient when you order work, as results can take time. 

are there signs a spell is working?

Yes, there are often signs. Here are some common examples:

-You may dream about the person out of the blue or with more frequency
-You may receive unexpected communication from the person
-You may bump into the person unexpectedly
-Words, events, songs, items, etc, associated with the person may make themselves known to you in weird or coincidental ways
-Unusual synchronicities may occur
-You may have a sense of the energies around the situation/problem "lifting" (improving)

i don't think my spell has worked. what now?

Remember: you cannot say for sure that a spell has not worked until the full 90 day window of opportunity has passed. There are various reasons why a spell may have failed:
-You chose the wrong type of spell
-Your situation may have benefitted more from stronger work, but you did basic work
-Your own actions/behaviour have contributed to creating additional problems since the spell was done
-Your goal was unrealistic, eg winning the lottery big time, getting an ex back after 5 years
-Your target has been victim of unwanted spell work done by someone else, e.g a love rival has put a spell on the object of your desire to have eyes only for her.
-On a subconscious level, you have significant doubts about spell work being capable of doing anything. A modicum of doubt/scepticism is not unusual, but stronger reservations will create a negative energy input which conflicts with the magic
-The desired outcome is simply "not meant to be". Maybe deep down you know this, maybe you don't.

can spells achieve the opposite effect?

A spell either works or it doesn't work. It never achieves an effect opposite to what it was intended for. It is human nature to link "bad/negative" developments to spell work as there has been so much "programming" through TV shows, films, etc, giving the impression that spell work can somehow backfire. Life is often complicated, so too are people. Unexpected events can occur, causing more issues. A person is not under some zombie-like control when a spell has been done on them; they still have free will, and so they can act in surprising ways. None of this has ANYTHING to do with the magick. 

In addition to the above, you must remember a spell can take time to work. Until it begins to have some affect, the course of life proceeds along the lines it was going on prior to you having any work done. In other words, it's simply the natural course of events.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there may have been unknown factors at play when you ordered the spell, effectively making the situation too far gone to remedy. For example, you may be trying to attract a suitor but have no idea your target is already in a serious relationship. You may find the relationship more and more troubled and have no idea why, when all along he has been seeing someone else. This is an extreme example, but it gives you an idea of what I mean. Ups and downs within the situation you are seeking help for can indeed be experienced but should never be blamed on the spell itself. That's basically the answer in a nutshell.

do i have to do anything?

Unless you've ordered some kind of item that gets mailed out then no, there's nothing you have do. I do all the work.

can i contact the person my spell is aimed at?

If being in touch with them is a normal part of your life then carry on. But if you don't normally see or communicate with them, please wait for THEM to take the initiative. Additionally, any kind of behaviour that the other may feel is pushy or hassling will create energies at odds with the magick. Please restrain yourself from "bothering" the person!

how should i behave after getting work done?

Carry on as your normally would. The only thing to avoid is any kind of action, behaviour or verbal outpourings that are likely to produce energies at odds with what the spell is designed for. This may serve to create more problems for you!

can i do multiple spells at the same time?

Yes, there is no need to wait, although you can of course choose to spread spells out over a period of time you feel sits right for you. You can also mix and match spells from different magickal systems, ie you can do some basic Hoodoo work but you can also do black magick. You can do as many spells as you like - it will not cause "overload".

do you do free re-casts?

No. Spells involve my time- often substantial amounts of time. They also involve my energies on multiple levels, and of course the costs associated with the ingredients used, some of which are not cheap. 

On occasion, people want to repeat the same spell. This may be because they noticed effects the first time, but not quite to the extent they were hoping for. Repeating a spell can sometimes help things make greater progress. Where a client is considering repeating a more expensive spell from the 30 day range or Black Magick range, I can provide a generous discount. Contact me to discuss.

do you offer payment plans?

Yes, for longer spells. See the Payments Information area for details.

can i pay only if and when results happen?

No, sorry. I never work free of charge. 

can i work with other spellcasters?

Yes. I know some casters have the opposite stance but I don't have a problem with it. Many of my clients have already had work done elsewhere, either in the recent past, or ongoing work. I have absolutely no problem with you wanting to work with someone other than myself at the same time. I personally do not view such practice as causing any type of conflict, but you may want to check with your other caster to hear their personal views. If THEY have an issue with it, this may cause you to worry too much, which does not help anything.

do you get impressions while casting spells?

No. I do not send along "reports" about the actual casting process. While magick itself is mystical in nature, there is nothing esoteric about burning a spell envelope in the cauldron. It's all a rather practical affair really. I cannot really determine anything by the way a spell may burn - wind may be a factor (I work with the door open or outdoors), I may not have set the envelope on fire enough to start with, etc. I am not in some prolonged mystical or meditative state when burning spells. It's not really like an episode on the Vampire Diaries! Feelings and impressions do not really come into the equation, despite what many people seem to think. So there is nothing for me to "report".


There is a very specific type of magick called candle magick that requires the caster to sit in front of the burning spell candle for long periods of time, tuning into the flame's behaviour and noting anything unusual. But I do not practice that particular type of candle magick. That is really the only magickal undertaking where I personally feel a "report" is warranted...

do you work with moon phases?

Contrary to popular belief, casting spells according to specific moon phases is not in the least bit relevant unless the caster is a practitioner of a specific type of magickal system that requires adherence to moon phases. I do not practice such a system with any regularity; it's certainly not relevant to my Hoodoo spells or Black Magick work. However, I am aware of some kinds of magick working with moon phases and eventually I will add a few options for "Moon magick" to my site,for those people who have a strong affinity for lunar mystery...

can i send you updates?

Please do not send me emails about the situation unless something dramatic happens. Ups and downs are not relevant to the magick and are not unusual while life carries on and magick has yet to properly kick in. Updates are not necessary and are discouraged unless they are truly significant. 

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