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FAQ area for Tarot readings, Tarot Magick website

tarot readingsfaq

Everything you need to know about my Tarot and other psychic readings and the kind of wait time you can expect to receive it.

how will i receive my reading?

Tarot readings and other psychic readings are sent by email, so please remember to check spam. I do not offer Tarot readings by phone, live chat or in person, sorry.

when will i get my reading?

There is typically a wait of a few days to receive your Tarot or other psychic reading. I do not work on weekends. 

are there any questions i cannot ask you? 

Due to sensitivities around certain topics, there are some areas I won't probe:


-Issues pertaining to things going on with your children, where they are under 18


-Issues relating to concerns about infidelity, eg "Is he being unfaithful?"


-Advice about whether or not to have an abortion


-Advice relating to health concerns, outcome of medical procedures, etc


-Anything to do with legal or criminal events, proceedings and potential outcomes


-Questions about deceased loved ones (I am not a medium)


-Questions asking advice to do with speculative financial undertakings of any kind


-Questions about missing persons


-Questions that are sexually graphic in nature

can i have the same reading done more than once?

If it's a 3, 6 or 12 month Tarot reading then yes, as these are spaced at regular intervals. For most other Tarot readings, so long as the new reading is for a different issue then yes. The Soul Mate reading can only be done once. Future lover can be done more than once so long as a year has passed since the last one. If in doubt, please ask me.

can i have a reading with you after using some other tarot reader?

If you want to ask a different kind of question then yes. But it is not advisable to ask the same question with multiple different Tarot readers. Try to stick to one trusted reader or you run the risk of confusion given each reader will have their own style, their own preferred deck and their own nuanced style of interpretation. 

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