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Payment and refund info, Tarot Magick

payment & refundsfaq

Everything you need to know about payment methods, payment issues, payment plans plus my refund policy.

what payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made using the Paypal gateway or Stripe Checkout (click the box that says "checkout" for Stripe)


If you are on a desktop or laptop and don't have a Paypal account, you will see an option to check out as a guest user, so you don't have to create a Paypal account (thought you may if you wish, and it only takes a minute).If you are on a phone or tablet, it seems to be hit and miss whether Paypal decide to show the guest checkout option, in which case either use a different device, or take a moment to sign up for an account.


Bank transfers are possible if you prefer that option, and can be done internationally. Western Union is another option and is also international. UK customers can pay by cheque or postal orders if that is preferred. Please get in touch via the contact form if you want to do it one of these ways.

All payment must be made in advance. I do not "work now, get paid for results"

do you offer payment plans?

For some spell work, yes, I do. For 2 week spells and 30 day spells, you can spread payment. This is because these services take place over an extended period. I am unable to offer payment plans for any other services as to do so would mean I work in advance of being paid, which I do not do. For the 2 week spell you can split payment across two consecutive weeks. For 30 day spells the cost can be spread across 2 or 3 weeks. I will send official Paypal invoices to collect payment. The first invoice must be paid within 24 hours and then work will begin in the next 48 hours.

I'm having payment issues with paypal/STRIPE.Why?

Checkout issues are rarely anything to do with some bug on the website, but instead are usually directly related to your bank, card issuer, or some problem with your Paypal account. Depending on how you tried to pay, please contact the relevant company as they will know more than me. Typical issues relate to things like having insufficient funds in your Paypal account or in the bank account/credit card linked to that Paypal accountm or card. Or your bank treating a larger purchase as suspicious and not letting the payment go through, etc. If issues persist,contact me for help.

can i cancel my order?

For spells: You have 24 hours to cancel any order. I usually make the envelopes up the day after an order, ready for casting. Once that takes place, an order is final and cannot be cancelled. For other services/products, you have 48 hours to cancel. Refunds will be processed MINUS the small transaction fee Paypal charge me (their cut of any order) as they keep that amount even when I process a refund.

can i get a refund?

Unless it's because of a change of mind (see above), or an item arrives damaged or fails to turn up, the answer to this question is no. All sales are final when they fall outside of the above parameters. I retain photographic proof of spell work in the event of any attempt at a claim. Payment gateways do not refund under the claim "item not as described" for services like this as they are unable to verify such claims due to the nature of the work. I hate to have to mention things like this but on occasion I've had to deal with a client who has gone so far as to claim their account was used without authorization just to attempt a refund! This, despite me retaining all correspondence proving otherwise. Such claims are fraudulent and can result in legal action by the bank against the claimant. Please be sure you can afford the work before you order it.

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