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A list of questions and answers about the information I require for your spell casting or Tarot reading


I will need some basic information to perform your service. Below are answers to common questions about this aspect of things.

how do i send you the info you need?

Send me a direct email. My email address will appear on your Paypal receipt. Once sent, there's no need to send a follow up message asking if I got the details. If I don't receive info from a client, I always contact them personally.

what info do you need for spell work?

Your first and last name. Please do not send middle names as they are not necessary. If your surname is different to the one you were born with, simply tell me the one you use most. I also need your date of birth and a photo of you (just one- no need to send multiple photos!). If your spell targets someone else, all the above is useful for them too, but if all you have is a first name (or even no name), don't worry about it. Just send what details you do have. As most spells are self explanatory there is rarely any need for me to know further details, but you can provide a brief outline if you wish. I do not need you to send me nail clippings, hair, etc. 

what info do you need for tarot/psychic readings?

This will depend on what Tarot or psychic reading you order. Please refer to the item page for details.

what info do you need for astrology reports?

Your first and last name. Your date of birth (please spell the month rather than just typing the number of the month. The way we lay out D.O.B in the UK is different to overseas and I don't want to slip up and make an error). I also need your time of birth and if this is AM or PM. If you don't know, you can order a birth time rectification service from the Astrology section or I will do what all Astrologers do, which is to set the chart for 12pm. 

what info do you need for distant healing?

This is the one and only service that I myself do not perform so look out for an email from Sean within 48 hours of your order (check spam). He will discuss things with you and make all the necessary arrangements for your session. Basic info, such as a summary of your main issue/aim, along with a recent photo, are details you should prepare to provide. 

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