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Order and delivery information for Tarot and magic spell services at Tarot Magick

ordering & deliveryFAQ

Everything you need to know about how to place an order, what happens after an order is placed, and the kind of wait time you can expect to be booked in.

How do I place an order ?

Look to the top of the page where you will see the main navigation menu. On the far right you will see the SHOP link. When you hover over that,a drop down menu will appear,presenting you with categories to browse.If you wish to buy something,select "add to cart" and follow the prompts to go through checkout.If you are on a phone or tablet,Paypal may ask you to create an account;this is quick and free. Guest checkout usually only appears when you are on a desktop or laptop - a strange quirk of Paypal's. Guest checkout allows to use Paypal without creating an account,and it accepts all major credit/debit cards. 

do you accept international orders?

Yes,I do. Almost half of my business comes from outside of the UK

do i need to create an account?

No.I have disabled that function for now, to simplify the ordering process.

what happens after i place an order?

You will be emailed a receipt from Paypal along with an automated confirmation email from my website.There is no need to contact me directly after an order is placed to find out if I received it as I am notfied by Paypal whenever an order comes in.If you order a service,I will get in touch with you to personally to book you in and ask for some basic details, if you've not sent them.If you order an item that is to be mailed ,I will not normally email you personally unless the item is for overseas and has a tracking number.

what information do you require from me?

That depends on what you order. Please check the Information Required section of the FAQ's.

can i discuss my order or question on the phone?

Due to my field of work,I do not have a customer phone line. If I accepted phone calls,my phone would be ringing all day long,and I'm sure you can appreciate how intrustive that would be.I've worked in the spells and tarot field for many years and in these industries,it is not common for businesses to operate a phone line for customer enquiries. The one exception seems to be those individuals who bill themselves as "masters of voodoo" or "black magick experts",where their only accepted payment method is Western Union. I'd best not get into THAT !

i'm unsure what to order.can you help?

Have you taken the time to read through the options yet? If not, please do so. Things are categorized and described to help you pick things most relevant to your aims. If you are still confused, contact me with a brief situation report.

is my information confidential?

Absolutely. At no time is anything you discuss with me ever passed on to a 3rd party. I never even discuss any cases with people in my life. I am happy to sign legal forms if you are in the public eye.

when will i be booked in?

Typically spell work is booked in to be cast/begun within a couple of days of you ordering. Tarot and Astrology orders will take between 3 and 5 days, depending on my schedule. For other services, see the item pages.

what payment methods do you accept?

Please visit the Payment Information page for all payment-related queries

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