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Everything you need to know about the Reiki healing and other Reiki services offered, what happens after an order is placed, and the kind of wait time you can expect to  receive your Reiki charged item.

who performs the reiki?

I have a close friend who provides the Reiki healing  for various items the Reiki energies get charged into. His name is Sean, and he is a qualified Reiki practitioner. Sean has a very powerful gift and I am so pleased to be collaberating with him, offering all of you the chance to experience his wonderful talents. While Sean provides the Reiki, all orders come through me and this website,so I will be the point of contact. 

is this a distant reiki healing service?

No, this is not a distant healing service. Primarily, gemstone crystals are used and Sean charges the relevant crystal with the Reiki energies. How a crystal gets attuned will vary as each person's requirements will be different. This is a personalized service- the crystals used are not 'charged en masse'. Each crystal is charged on an individual basis, meaning each crystal's charge is specific to that person and only that person. Crystals are powerful things in their own right, so they provide the perfect foundation in which to focus the Reiki healing energy. By utilising crystals in this way, the Reiki energies are amplified. In addition, by offering Reiki that is stored in crystals, you are able to connect personally with the energies in a far more immediate and sensitive way compared to distant healing. Ultimately, this hands on experience is likely to be more effective for you than energies sent 'across the miles', so to speak.

How do i work with the reiki crystals?

How-to User guides for working with Reiki Healing crystals and Reiki chakra balancing stones can be found by visiting the Reiki Blog Area

Can I order more than one reiki crystal

Sure, that's absolutely fine. You might feel like you need to work on more than one issue and you can certainly do this, although it is advised to finish your sessions with one healing crystal before moving on to working with an additional healing. If working with reiki chakra stones, there's no need to do one at a time - you can work with more than one on the same day.

how many times can i use the reiki crystal

Each Reiki crystal is charged to capacity. This allows for THREE uses, ie each crystal is ready for you to experience a total of 3 healing sessions. After your final session with a crystal, simply soak it overnight in some salt water, rinse it off, and use as you wish. The power inherent in the properties of a crystal is independent of the Reiki, so the crystal can be used just like any crystal. 

what will i feel when i use the reiki crystal?

Commonly reported sensations include things like tingling sensations in the area of focus, or sensations of the area heating up or cooling down a little. You may feel more sensitised to energies travelling along meridians linked to the chakra being worked on. Some people report more fuller sensations of what are described as 'energy waves' or 'pulses' that can travel larger sections of the body. The stirring up of emotions is very common - do not try to suppress these as it's your body's way of releasing energies that are causing blockages. As your healing session is underway, increased feelings of relaxation are usually experienced, and it's completely normal to feel really tired afterwards, in which case, allow yourself a nice little nap!

are there any contraindications when having reiki

Reiki is considered to be a non-invasive therapy, so incidences of significant containdications are highly unlikely. A bit of tiredness is the most common repercussion, but that will pass. In rare cases, people have reported having a bit of headache or feeling a little nauseous for a short while. 

is reiki ever unsuitable for people?

Reiki should not be had if you have a broken bone which has not yet set.

Reiki should not be had if you have a pacemaker.

Reiki should not be had if you are suffering any kind of significant mental health issue, e.g Depression, Schizophrenia, Nervous Breakdown, Psychosis, etc.

Reiki should be avoided if you are running a fever

Reiki should be avoided if you are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

If in doubt, PLEASE ASK.

are the effects of reiki immediate?

There's no hard and fast answer here. As with any kind of therapy,results will vary person to person. Some people will feel a dramatic difference after the first session or in the days after it, while for others it may take until the 2nd or 3rd session to notice a significant shift. For others, they may not notice anything particularly eventful after the initial session, but will feel 'somehow better' right after it.

i have a question that isn't answered here

Please use the contact form to get in touch and I will forward your enquiry to Sean and get back to you with his response. 

Be sure to check the Reiki Blog Area for some information articles that you will find helpful

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