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Frequently Asked Questions


What methods of payment do you accept ?

Paypal, the world's most popular gateway, is used on this site. If you are on a desktop or laptop and don't have a Paypal account, you will see an option to check out as a guest user, so you don't have to create a Paypal account (thought you may if you wish, and it only takes a minute).If you are on a phone or tablet, it seems to be hit and miss whether Paypal decide to show the guest checkout option, in which case either use a different device, or take a moment to sign up for an account.

Bank transfers are possible if you prefer that option, and can be done internationally. Western Union is another option and is also international. UK customers can pay by cheque or postal orders if that is preferred. Please get in touch via the contact form if you want to do it one of these ways.
I hope to be able to shortly add an additional payment method but unfortunately, 99% of gateways treat business in my kind of field as lepers; psychic/occult services are usually on their list of "prohibited businesses", treated as too high risk to take on. I have used only Paypal for all my many years online but am looking into something extra - watch this space!

Do you offer any kind of payment plans for spells ?

Yes, but only for the longer spells. (1) For 30 day spells, the amount can be divided in 4 and payment made across 4 consecutive weeks OR the amount can be divided in 2 and payments made a fortnight apart. (2) For all 2 week custom services,payment can be made across 2 consecutive weeks. In either case, no work will begin until the initial payment is made. I do not offer payment plans for black magick or other spells as all other spells span a shorter time period; accepting some sort of payment arrangement for these would mean working ahead of being paid,which I won't do sorry.

I'm having trouble getting my payment to work. Can you help ?

Checkout issues are rarely anything to do with some bug on the website, but instead are usually directly related to your bank, card issuer, or some problem with your Paypal account. Depending on how you tried to pay, please contact the relevant company as they will know more than me. Typical issues relate to things like having insufficent funds in your Paypal account or in the bank account/credit card linked to that Paypal account. Or your bank treating a larger purchase as suspicious and not letting the payment go through, etc.


Do you offer your services & products worldwide ?

Yes, I do. Although I am based in the UK, around 45% of my business actually comes from overseas. Location is absolutely irrelevant for spell work. As for items mailed out in the post, these can also be sent internationally. Any special note about shipping costs will be mentioned on the item page.

When will my spell be booked in?

I typcally book work in to begin aa day or so after an order is placed. If you order Friday-Sunday then it will be early the following week. In either case, I will email you about the booking-in time after you place an order. I usually acknowledge an order within 24 hours, unless I am ill, or it is the weekend.

When will my Tarot reading/Astrology report be done?

Tarot readings are done within a week of ordering. I am unable to commit to any specific day sorry. Astrology reports are less time-consuming and will usually sent within a few days (never on weekends though).

How much is shipping for physical items mailed out ?

This depends on what's bought and where it's being sent. Please refer to the individual item page for information. If you are in the UK, shipping is often free of charge, with the exception of any unusually large order being placed that is likely to be heavy, or items of special value,in which case postage costs will be displayed for full spectrum track and trace options.

Refunds & Cancellations

I've changed my mind - can I cancel my order ?

It is preferable that you are certain you want something before you purchase it. I tend to prep spells soon after an order comes in, and Tarot/Astrology readings may get done at any time. Therefore, if you wish to cancel, I will need to know no later than 24 hours after you paid. The amount paid, minus the seller fee charged by Paypal (which does not get refunded to me), will be refunded to you. The seller fee is 3.4% plus 20p.

I'm not happy with something. What is your refund policy?

Most of what I offer are services. These involve my time - often extensive amounts of it -along with my energies and the costs associated with the ingredients that get used in the spell work, some of which are not cheap. You are buying what is essentially a custom made service and as is common policy for tailor-made items and services, no refunds shall be given. On rare occasions over the many years I've been online, the rare disgruntled customer has attempted a Paypal dispute.All this ever acheives is a lot of hassle,mainly for me. I keep photographic proof of all spells cast,along with copies of all emails sent, in the event of the occasional unscrupulous buyer "trying it on", for want of a better term! This route does not work. Similarly, the occasional card chargeback has been attempted,and failed, for the same reasons. Similarly, there are no refunds for Tarot or Astrology readings. Where physical items mailed out are concerned, refunds will only be given in the event of your item not turning up,or an item arriving damaged. If it's damaged,I'll need to see photos please.


Do you accept international orders ?

Yes,I do. Almost half of my business comes from outside of the UK

How do I place an order?

Look to the top of the page where you will see the main navigation menu. On the far right you will see the SHOP link. When you hover over that,a drop down menu will appear,presenting you will categories to browse. Select the one you are interested in and on the new page you will see all product options for that category. Click the chosen option to read about the product.If you wish to buy it,select "add to cart" and follow the prompts to go through checkout. If you are on a phone or tablet,Paypal may ask you to create an account;this is quick and free. Guest checkout usually only appears when you are on a desktop or laptop - a strange quirk of Paypal's. Guest checkout allows to use Paypal without creating an account,and it accepts all major credit/debit cards. Further information about payment can be found within the "payment" section on the main FAQ page.

Do I have to create an account to place an order?

No.I have disabled that function.As an internet shopper myself,I find it bothersome to have to fill out a long form with all my details before I can get to the payment part.Most of what I sell are services,not mailed out products,so there is no need for an account function for the user.If you would like to keep a record of what you buy,all you need to do is save your emailed receipts to a special email folder for that purpose.

What happens after I place an order?

You will be emailed a receipt from Paypal along with an automated confirmation email from my website. Keep these somewhere safe in your email account.There is no need to contact me directly after an order is placed to find out if I received it;I am notfied by Paypal whenever an order comes in,plus in back end admin I am able to view all orders. If you order some type of service,I will get in touch with you to personally confirm your order. If you order spell work,my email will confirm what day I have booked that in for. If you order Tarot or Astrology readings,I'll usually only email you personally if you have not sent over the information asked for on the item page. If you order an item that is to be mailed out,I will not normally email you personally;the emails you will receive mentioned in paragraph one serve to confirm your order has been received. The only exception to this is when you place an order that requires a track and trace type of parcel (heavy or expensive items),in which case I will send you tracking information.

What information do I need to send to you?

What information I require depends on what service you order. Each item page contains an "information required" box that outlines exactly what I need to know,so please be sure to read that section. To send the information,once you are within the CART (you can access this by clicking the cart icon top right of all pages),you will see a line of highlighted text to the left hand side below the image/s displaying your chosen products, saying "Add a note".Click this and a box will open up.Put your details in there.If you forget to do this,email me directly -my email address is on the Paypal receipt-or use the contact form in the main menu. IN CASE YOU FORGET to send over the info, don't worry;I will notice this when your order comes in and I'll contact you directly. Please check spam! There is nothing unusual about what I need: names where known, dates of birth where known,a photo of anyone involved,if you have photos.And a brief outline of the issue,if the title of the spell doesn't make it obvious what you want help for.

Can I order or discuss my order over the phone?

Due to my field of work,I do not have a customer phone line. If I accepted phone calls,my phone would be ringing all day long,and I'm sure you can appreciate how intrustive that would be.I've worked in the spells and tarot field for many years and it in these industries,it is not common for businesses to operate a phone line for customer enquiries. The one exception seems to be those individuals who bill themselves as "masters of voodoo" or "black magick experts",where their only accepted payment method is Western Union. I'd best not get into THAT !

I'm unsure what to order. Can you help?

All spells are categorized according to life areas, then each individual spell has a description.I do expect people to at least have had a read through what is available,making a mental note of options that jump out at them, before contacting me for assistance. In most cases,it should be pretty straightforward to make choice/s based on what you are seeking to achieve,and finding the spell/s that correspond most closely to your desired outcome. I do appreciate it can still be a little bewlidering for some people,as there is a lot to choose from, so if you are unsure,please contact me with a brief description of the issue so I can advise what's best. There is no need for a long-winded history of the problem-a basic outline is all I need. I also expect people to take some time to have a thorough browse of all the relevant categories within this FAQ section before asking me things as all common questions are already addressed here. If you have a quick question or two that isn't here,contact me.If you are likely to have a longer list of questions and/or feel strongly that you need to explain things in more depth,please order a spell consultation service from the SHOP. I've put a link to this in all categories.

Will I get updates if I order spell work? Can I update YOU?

I don't send updates because there is no need. I will be in touch directly to tell you when your spell is booked in for. Unless I email you to reschedule the date,you must take it as a given that your spell has been cast, or in the event of a longer spell, that the spell is underway. Where spells take place across multiple days,the item page tells you how long it goes on for.As you will be given the start date, it is very simple to work out the end date. One click brings up your footer calendar,where you can count forward. Just remember that I never work weekends,so do not count weekends. If a special holiday like Christmas falls in the middle of your work, naturally I'll be taking a few more days off. In such instances,I'll email you to let you know. Spellcasting is a practical affair really, so there is nothing for me to report or update you about.The guidelines document I send you will let you know when to expect photographic proof. This is when I will next get in touch. I do appreciate this can mean a long gap of "no communication" between you and I in some cases, but this is always how I've operated. As for UPDATES FROM YOU, this really isn't necessary unless something or major significance has occured that you feel may affect the spell. It's really wonderful if you begin to see signs early on in a long spell,but there is no need to email me about "movement" as it has no bearing on ongoing spell work. If you want to update me about an outcome AFTER a spell has finished,then by all means do so. I am always keen to hear feedback.

Is my information confidential?

Absoutely. At no time is anything you discuss with me ever passed on to a 3rd party. I never even discuss any cases with people in my life. Your privacy is respected at all times. Similarly, your email address is never given out to any third party. As for your financial information, this is 100% encrypted with rock solid SSL security. I never see your financial information and nor does anybody else.


Can you tell me a bit about your different magickal systems and your methods?

You can read about this over at my blog (link coming soon)

Do you provide proof that spells have been cast?

Yes.See the main menu for details (link coming soon)

Are spells guaranteed to work?

Any caster that claims this is misleading you. While the comparison is perhaps crude,if you go to the doctor to get treated for something,does the doctor guarantee the prescription or treatment will work? No, because this is not possible or realistic. I appreciate this may concern you,especially if you buy something more expensive.However,while I cannot "guarantee" a spell will work,at the same time, I have been in business online for many years now and throughout this time I have built up a large base of returning customers; repeat custom constitutes around 50% of my business, which says a lot! At the end of the day,you have nothing to lose by trying and much to potentially gain. I have a great online reputation and doubt I'd have remained in business since first coming online around 2006 if I wasn't any good at what I do! I regularly get emails from people telling me how my spell work has helped them;you can read their comments over at the reviews section

Will spells backfire and/or cause me negative karma?

No.This school of thought does exist,and you may well have come across it on other websites,but this is not a belief held by all practitioners;it can depend (a)on the system of magick practiced,and tenets of thought associated with those systems and (b)the personal beliefs or opinions of the individual practioner. My attitude to all magick I practice is thus: A spell will either work,or it won't work. It won't cause the opposite effect it is intended for,it won't "punish" the person who asked to have it done. As for "karma", you must remember that the concept of karma is a belief system,not a proven "fact". Yes,the physics of the Universe we find ourselves in operates accoridng to rules of "cause and effect" but the principles of this concept are-in my opinon- warped and exaggerated by the spiritual/religious overlays that human beings have invented in order to try and make sense of life. We can debate and discuss "karma" at length- everyone has their own take on this subject! I have practiced magick for years now and never overthink it's modus operandi. If someone experiences what they consider "bad" or "negative" conditions in their life after having spell work done,it is human nature to instantly consider some link between the two,and less common to remind oneself that "bad stuff happens" - that's just LIFE ! There is nothing dark/evil/bad about any of the spells I perform. Having spell work done is not going to create more problems for you, it's not going to invite spirits or entities into your life (unless the spell is specifically designed for those,in which case they are always benign). You are not going to rack up "bad karma", it is not going to negatively impact anyone in your life (unless the spell is designed for that). If none of this reassures you,then having spell work done is probably not the solution for you.

How long will my spell take to work? Do some spells work faster than others?

Answers to these kinds of questions will vary practitioner to practitioner,so there's no "rule for all types of magick" I'm afraid. In MY experience-and what I tell all clients- a spell can begin to work right away, or it may take a few weeks, and in some cases it can take up to as long as 90 days. Basically, a spell has what I call a "window of time"in which it can work. That window opens the day of the casting/first casting and closes approximately 90 days after the spell ENDS. These guidelines apply to ALL types of magick I sell. That said,I've been doing this long enough now, gathering much feedback in my inbox from the thousands of people I've worked for,to notice how in many (but not all) cases,stronger spell work often tends to act faster. But I must repeat:I cannot guarantee faster results from stronger magick. Results will vary from case to case,person to person. I wish there was a way to offer a more solid response but magick is not an exact/predictable science. You must prepare to be patient when you order work,as results can take time.

How will I know if a spell is working? Are there signs to look out for?

Yes,there are often signs,and I explore these in more depth over at a blog page (link coming soon).In brief: -You may dream about the person out of the blue or with more frequency -You may receive unexpected communication from the person -You may bump into the person unexpectedly -Words, events,songs,items,etc, associated with the person may make themselves known to you in weird or coincidental ways -Unusual synchronicities may occur -A sense of the energies around the situation/problem "lifting" (improving)

I don't think my spell has worked.What now ?

Remember:you cannot say for sure that a spell has not worked until the full 90 day window of opportunity has passed. There are various reasons why a spell may have failed: see the blog post for detailed discussion (link coming soon). In brief: -You chose the wrong type of spell -Your situation may have benefitted more from stronger work,but you did basic work -Your own actions/behaviour have contributed to creating additional problems since the spell was done -Your goal was unrealistic, eg winning the lottery big time,getting an ex back after 5 years -Your target has been victim of unwanted spell work done by someone else, e.g a love rival has put a spell on the object of your desire to have eyes only for her. -On a subconscious level,you have significant doubts about spell work being capable of doing anything. A modicum of doubt/skepticism is not unusual,but stronger reservations will create a negative energy input which conflicts with the magick -The desired outcome is simply "not meant to be".Maybe deep down you know this,maybe you don't.

Is there anything I must or must not do after I've had spells done?

It's all too easy to overthink things once you have ordered a spell. It's best to carry on with your life in the usual fashion - there's no need to suddenly make changes or do things a different way, with one exception: If you know that you are inclined to act,talk or behave in a manner that has been contributing to the problem,you really must make an effort not to do this anymore.If these tendencies are a problem for you to control, try a spell for that,or attempt to practice meditation or similar;anything that may help you to get a handle on impulses that cause more issues will be of value. Strong emotions are often part of the course when the problems you are seeking help for relate to a specific person in your life. Please do your best to curb what I call "emotional outbursts" of any kind.Anything that pushes the other person's buttons can create further problems.This does not necessarily mean the spell won't work,but you need to try and help the process in the positive way,rather than generating more difficult energies. It's fine to stay in touch with the person if you usually do. If there has been no contact,please wait for them to take the initiative.In either case,never make the person feel bothered or harassed in any way;too many texts,calls,emails,etc,may make the person feel chased/cornered/hassled. It's fine to tell people in your life that you've had spell work done,but probably best to avoid mention of this if the person is a skeptic,or you know them to have a negative view about the "occult". Unless you are buying some type of product to interact with at home, there is nothing you must do your end. I take care of everything the spell involves.

Things are getting worse,not better.Why?

A spell either works or it doesn't work. It never achieves an effect opposite to what it was intended for. It is human nature to link "bad/negative" developments to spell work as there has been so much "programming" through TV shows,films,etc, giving the impression that spell work can somehow backfire. Life is often comlicated,so too are people.Unexpected events can occur,causing more issues.A person is not under some zombie-like control when a spell has been done on them;they still have free will,and so they can act in surprising ways.None of this has ANYTHING to do with the magick. In addition to the above,you must remember a spell can take time to work.Until it begins to have some affect,the course of life proceeds along the lines it was going on prior to you having any work done.In other words,it's simply the natural course of events. Another thing to bear in mind is that there may have been unknown factors at play when you ordered the spell,effectively making the situation too far gone to remedy. For example, you may be trying to attract a suitor but have no idea your target is already in a serious relationship. You may find the relationship more and more troubled and have no idea why,when all along he has been seeing someone else. This is an extreme example,but it gives you an idea of what I mean. Ups and downs within the situation you are seeking help for can indeed be experienced but should never be blamed on the spell itself.That's basically the answer in a nutshell.

Can I do more than one spell/how long before I can do more spells?

Many customers order multiple spells at the same time. Many customers order a spell then order another one some days later, or a month later Many customers have a spell done then decide to wait the full 90 days before ordering more Many customers order different types of spells together,e.g a few Hoodoo spells along with a black magick spell All the above is fine.There are no "rules" about waiting. I always tell people to trust their own gut instinct when deciding whether to do more spells.You will always know the situation far better than I do,so you are the best judge.

Do you do free re-casts?

No.Spells involve my time- often substantial amounts of time. They also involve my energies on multiple levels, and of course the costs associated with the ingredients used,some of which are not cheap. On occasion,people want to repeat the same spell.This may be because they noticed effects the first time,but not quite to the extent they were hoping for. Repeating a spell can sometimes help things make greater progress. Where a client is considering repeating a more expensive spell from the 30 day range or Black Magick range,I can provide a generous discount.Contact me to discuss.

Can I work with other casters while working with you?

Yes. I know some casters have the opposite stance but I don't have a problem with it.Many of my clients have already had work done elsewhere,either in the recent past,or ongoing work. I have absolutely no problem with you wanting to work with someone other than myself at the same time.I personally do not view such practice as causing any type of conflict,but you may want to check with your other caster to hear their personal views. If THEY have an issue with it,this may cause you to worry too much,which does not help anything.

Do you tell me about feelings you get during the casting?

No. I do not send along "reports" about the actual casting process. While magick itself is mystical in nature,there is nothing esoteric about burning a spell envelope in the cauldron. It's all a rather practical affair really. I cannot really determine anything by the way a spell may burn - wind may be a factor (I work with the door open or outdoors), I may not have set the envelope on fire enough to start with, etc. I am not in some prolonged,mystical or meditative state when burning spells.It's not really like an episode on the Vampire Diaries! Feelings and impressions do not really come into the equation, despite what many people seem to think.So there is nothing for me to "report". There is a very specific type of magick called candle magick that requires the caster to sit in front of the burning spell candle for long periods of time, tuning into the flame's behaviour and noting anything unusual.But I do not practice that particular type of candle magick.That is really the only magickal undertaking where I personally feel a "report" is warranted...

Do you work with Moon phases?

Contrary to popular belief, casting spells according to specific moon phases is not in the least bit relevant unless the caster is a practioner of a specific type of magickal system that requires adhereance to moon phases. I do not practice such a system with any regularity; it's certainly not relevant to my Hoodoo spells or Black Magick work.However,I am aware of some kinds of magick working with moon phases and eventually I will add a few options for "Moon magick" to my site,for those people who have a strong affinity for lunar mystery...

Can I pay for the spell only after results? Or get a free spell?

I'm sorry,but the answer to both questions is a firm NO. Spells take my time,my energies,and often involve costly ingredients. I do not work free of charge and I am unable to work on a case unless payment is first made. I do appreciate that some people are not in the bed financial situation, in which case please keep an eye out for special offers.I run them regularly and they will be advertised in an obvious fashion sitewide when one is running.


Can you tell me a bit about the Tarot and how it works?

Sure. As there is a fair bit to discuss,I've compiled an article that you can read over on my blog (link coming soon)

How will I receive my reading?

As of 2022,I am only offering readings by email. Please remember to check your spam folder when looking out for your email. I ask everyone to be patient when ordering a reading;I cannot commit to a specific day as most of my work these days involves spell casting,so I am pretty busy. I will have it over to you within 7 days of placing the order. I appreciate some people want faster advice,and in due course I will be working on uploading a range of same day automated readings that can be downloaded and read instantly. These will not be using software- I'll be compiling all the card meanings myself,for a more personal touch. I've got my hands full for a while to come so these may not emerge until we are a few months into 2022

Are there any types of questions that are not suitable?

Due to sensitivities around certain topics,there are some areas I won't probe: -Issues pertaining to things going on with your children, where they are under 18 -Issues relating to concerns about infidelity,eg "Is he being unfaithful" -Advice about whether or not to have an abortion -Advice relating to health concerns,outcome of medical procedures,etc -Anything to do with legal or criminal events, proceedings and potential outcomes -Questions about deceased loved ones (I am not a medium) -Questions asking advice to do with speculative financial undertakings of any kind -Questions about missing persons -Questions that are sexually graphic in nature

Can I have the same reading done more than once?

It depends on the type of reading you had. Please contact me to discuss.


Are you a trained Astrologer?

My journey with Astrology began around 1990,when I was just 17.Back then I was completely unaware of anything called an "Astrology course" and I most definitely had no access to a computer! I have never had any formal, certified training-I am completely self taught. My mother was a collector of books,sometimes on subjects that she only ever had a passing interest in. Among her eclectic collection (that has never stopped expanding over the decades since) was a huge book on Astrology that had forgotten to make it's way back to the local library;it was many years past due when I found it! It caught my eye,so I read it. Intrigued,I decided I wanted to learn "how to do it". I soon discovered this was a hugely complicated affair involving all sorts of complex calculations that could only be done by hand back then - an extemely tedious and long winded process requiring great focus, along with obscure(to me) Astronomical concepts I had no prior understanding of. I wasn't making the progress I'd hoped for and that book got thrown on the floor in frustration more than once! It must have been a year or two later when things moved along.I was at the time working a Saturday job at a leather-repair shop.People would bring in all sorts of leather items for repair work and briefcases often showed up. Someone had left a case with us that they never came to collect.It had been there ages,so before getting rid of it,I opened it. Inside were two books: A Grimoire of magick,and a tome on Astrology. That day kind of sealed my destiny... My interest was renewed,and I guess my mind,along with my resolve,had sharpened up substantially,as when I set about teaching myself how to calculate and plot a birth chart,this time I met with success.I remember surrounding myself with self-made "prompt cards" where I had sketched out the many symbols along with key words and associations relevant to them. I worked with those cards with complete determination,until all the information sank in and I no longer had to depend on books to understand things. I'd only refer to books to follow the painstaking calculations methodology. Way before I ever had a computer and set up in business online,I'd do charts for people I knew,and some paid-reports that involved many hours of my time calculating everything then writing out (by hand) pages of interpretation. This is something I can still do,but it is these days rare to find this service. Due to SO many hours involved in writing out a report personally, rather than using a PC programme, an Astrologer naturally has to charge a steep fee for their time. Very few people would want to spend hundreds of pounds for this,so nowadays everythig is done by world class software programs. Only some rudimentary knowledge is needed to operate a software program,so just about anybody can "learn to operate an Astrology software program", and I guess a lot of people selling them don't even understand most of what it means. I don't miss the days of doing them by hand,but it's kind of nice to know that I DO understand what I'm looking at!

What if I don't know my birth time?

Astrologers use a process called "Birth time rectification". This requires you to answer as many questions off a list as you can, where specific dates for the events are known. The information is run through a special software program to "rectify" (work out) your birth time to the most accurate time possible. You'll find this service offered in the Astrology section of the Shop.

Do you have any samples of reports I can look at?

These will be coming soon, when I get to work on my blog.

What Astrology software do you use?

I use state of the art, world class software by KEPLER. This is designed for professional Astrologers and is up there along with one or two others as the creme de la creme of it's kind.

What house system do you use?

Some of you may be aware that there is a thing called "House Systems" in Astrology and which one to use is an issue of great and confusing debate among practitioners! I started out many years ago with the EQUAL house system,and that is the one I still use today.

Why are your Astrology reports so cheap?

There are a few "Mega Astrology" sites on the net as you may have discovered,along with an array of smaller,dedicated Astrology websites run by smaller businesses. In either case,prices for their reports can be substantial indeed. This is curious to me,given there is no single "Ultimate Astrology" software that justifies the larger price tags. The one I use (Kepler) is world class and did not come cheap,but I don't see any reason to be charging £50 for a report that doesn't really take much time to compile and email over. Therefore,do not judge quality on price in this particular arena. Quite frankly, some businesses are just taking the mick by charging what they do.

When will you send my Astrology report/s?

Within a few business days. Look in spam if nothing turns up in your inbox