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I provide photographic proof of all magic spells I cast. A selection of photos of your castings will be emailed.

photographic prooffaqs

It's unusual to receive photos of spell work but it's something I've always done. Below you will find everything you need to know about this process.

why do you send photos?

When I first began offering my spell services online, I noticed that nobody at all was offering any sort of proof of doing the work. Well I couldn't find anyone at any rate...I wanted to stand out from everyone else on one hand, plus I wanted my customers to have confidence that something had actually been done. This is not to say that spell casters offering no proof are to be avoided! It's just my personal preference to take and send photos of the process. 

what will i see on the photos?

You will see me set the envelope on fire over a candle. You will see your spell burning in my cauldron. Your name/target's name will appear on the envelope. If you order more than one spell it is usual for me to abbreviate names on other envelopes besides the first one. The names being written on the envelope are not part of the spell; the only reason I write on them at all is so you can see the spell is for you and not some other customer. So if there is the occasional typo, do not fret! 

how will i receive my photos?

They will be emailed over. Check your spam folder if nothing arrives in your inbox. If you cannot find them, please contact me before assuming the work was not done as there will be some explanation. I never fail to send photos!

When will i receive my photos?

Here is an example:
Your spell is done Wednesday 1st October, or finishes on that day, if it a longer spell. I sort through the entire week's photos for all my different clients THE WEEK AFTER those spells have been done. My typical sorting day is a Friday, so in this example photos would come along on Friday 10th October. In other words, whatever day your spell completes, you will not see photos until THE FOLLOWING WEEK, ON THE FRIDAY.
For 30 day spells, honey jar work and the 2 week service, photos are not sent until the whole service has ended.
If you place a further order very close together to a previous one, I will wait until the most recent order is completed and send all photos together. Again, photos are sent the following week on a Friday.

On occasion, due to migraines, the ups and downs of life creating unforeseen problems, or vacations and the like, I may delay the sending of photos until the following week. I always email you if this is going to be the case. 

how many photos will i receive?

This depends on what spell you got/how many spells. For basic Hoodoo work you will get a couple of shots. One will show the spell (or first in a series of spells that you bought) being set alight. The other will show the spell burning in my cauldron (along with up to 2 others burning, if you've bought multiple spells).

For black magick work, where the spell is a 5 or 7 day spell you'll get two random photos sent. One showing me setting one of the casts alight, the other showing a different cast from your series of casts burning in my cauldron. 

For longer black magick spells and for the 2 week spells or 30 day spells, you will get 4-5 photos. 

In all cases, photos may be sent as individual attachments OR I may screenshot the bunch of them together from inside of my photos folder and send one image comprising multiple images to simplify things.

I do not take or send photos of every single cast for every single spell. To do so would be extremely time consuming and would interfere too much in the flow of my casting process. 

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