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astrology reportsfaq

Everything you need to know about my Astrology reports service and what  kind of wait time you can expect to receive them.

are you a trained astrologer?

Yes. I taught myself everything way back around 1990, before most people had a computer at home or any type of course was commonplace. I am old school trained via books! These days anyone with just the most rudimentary bit of know how can generate software reports. They only need to know what info to input but may have no actual clue as to all the meanings and symbols. I actually understand Astrology, so that singles me out from a lot of other Astrology report sellers.

are they software reports or hand done?

I use the world renowned, professional Kepler & Solar Fire software to generate the chart wheel and interpretative reports. While I used to offer the kind of Astrology reports where I personally interpreted the chart and wrote all the analysis, there was rarely any interest. It takes hours and hours of work so the cost has to reflect this and the majority of people just don't want to pay that kind of fee for an Astrology report. These days there are several excellent software systems that do all this anyway, which means prices can be kept low for the customer.

why are your prices so cheap?

I have noticed that many websites charge anything from £20 to £60 for a software generated Astrology reports. Given these reports do not really take long to generate then email over, many prices I see feel excessive to me. My lower prices are nothing to do with the quality of the reports. I use professional software, but I choose not to charge silly amounts. 

what if i don't know my birth time?

Astrologers use a process called "Birth time rectification". This requires you to answer as many questions off a list as you can, where specific dates for the events are known. The information is run through a special software program to "rectify" (work out) your birth time to the most accurate time possible. You'll find this service offered in the Astrology section of the Shop.

when will i receive my astrology report?

Typically, Astrology reports are emailed to you within a few days of your order. I do not work on weekends. Please remember to keep an eye on your spam folder when looking out for your report.

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