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If you have any questions about magick in general, or black magick specifically, please pop over to the FAQ section where all common queries are answered. 


Many other love spell options and other types of black magick can be found within the black magick spells section.


I've devised a few black magick breakup spells as not all breakup situations are the same. Whichever breakup  spell is most suitable for your situation, you may be wondering what kind of thing might happen to the people concerned and what the nature of the breakup might be. The short answer is this: it is not possible to know in advance how a black magick breakup spell will take effect. I cannot predict what will happen to cause the breakup, and I cannot predict or control the nature of the breakup. Some couples may split calmly while others may experience more conflict. The Universe will work in whatever way it needs to....


ELIMINATE LOVE RIVALS: If you have one or more love rivals upsetting your love life, this spell will stop their influence. Once cast, this spell releases an explosive energy that will work to destroy a relationship that is in it's infancy or one that could develop. You will not have a love rival for long once this spell is cast. This black magick breakup spell is aimed at whoever may have their eye on your target- anyone "sniffing around". It is not for anyone dating or in an actual relationship.
The spell takes place over 5 days.
PRICE : £125


BREAK THEM UP: This black magick breakup spell is aimed at people who are dating or in a new relationship. By "new", I mean anything up to around a few months. If the couple concerned having been together longer than this, stronger work is needed

The spell takes place over 7 days.

PRICE: £195


DESTRUCTION: If your loved one is in a more steady, serious or long term relationship or is married, you will require this stronger black magick breakup spell to break them up. This spell is for couples together more than 3 months. It can also be used for newer relationships if you feel that either target is very stubborn in nature, in which case, stronger work will be of benefit. If the target is an ex, you will also need the RESURRECTION spell to win them back. You can find that in the black magick love spells section.

This spell is cast 3 times a day for 7 days

PRICE: £325


A QUIET PARTING: A black magick breakup spell with a difference, this one is for those of you who want to break up your own relationship. It can target the other person, it can target you yourself, or it can be aimed at both of you. Often one or both people within a relationship know it is over but are reluctant to part for whatever reason. This black magick breakup spell will help to facilitate an ending and for it to be as amicable as possible.

This spell is cast over 7 days

PRICE: £195


BREAKUP A FRIENDSHIP: This black magick breakup spell has been designed to create a fall out between people who are friends, rather than lovers. Perhaps someone is a bad influence on the other person, or maybe someone is one of those types we'd call "no good". There are many different reasons why you may want to use a black magick breakup spell to target a particular friendship. It can also be used to breakup a group of friends. 

This spell is cast over 5 days

PRICE: £125

Black Magick Breakup Spells

PriceFrom £125.00
  • Here you'll find various black magick breakup spells to target different kinds of connections. Prices for spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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