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All 30 day spells come with photographic proof to show the work has been done. See the FAQ area for information. The FAQ area answers all common questions about spells and outlines what info I need from you.


If you would like an extreme 30 day spell casting service done for a situation that is not listed, you can order a custom service here. As I have over 100 spells that can be turned into an extreme 30 day version, I have only listed a few specific ones to simplify website navigation.  Any of the spells found in the basic Hoodoo spells range can be turned into a 30 day service.  Have a read through the other 30 day spells to get an idea of what is involved  then use the contact form after payment  to let me know which spell you want done.

PLEASE NOTE a custom spell casting service  is NOT intended to merge multiple aims/issues/desires into one spell. Like the other 30 day spells, the idea is to focus on ONE issue intensely, per spell. 


It is perfectly fine to do more than one custom 30 day spell and it is also fine to combine 30 day spells with any other kind of magick done by myself or some other spell caster.

Custom 30 Day Spell

  • 30 day spells take magick to the next level. Your spell is cast over 30 days for one of the most intense services available.Prices for spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there. You can find other 30 day spell services here

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