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If you have any questions about magick in general, or black magick specifically, please pop over to the FAQ section where all common queries are answered. 

Many other love spell options and other types of black magick can be found within the black magick spells section.


Here you'll find a number of black magick reconciliation spells. More basic spells for relationships that have been over for just a few weeks can be found in the Hoodoo love spells section. The reconciliation magick below is for relationships that have been over for more than just a few weeks, so please be sure to select the correct one for your needs. It may seem like quite a jump to go from more basic options to black magick, but bringing couples back together again is one of the more demanding types of spell work because with each passing week, the distance between two people grows. 


NOTE: If the target of your affections is a stubborn type of person and/or if the situation that led to the split was full of problems or conflict, or if they are now seeing someone else, then regardless of how recent the split, choosing a stronger option is advisable. The "Destruction" spell is the best choice if you fall into any of the above categories. If you are unsure, contact me for advise, giving me a brief explanation of things.


BRING THEM BACK: This black magick reconciliation spell is designed for couples who broke up between 3 weeks ago and 3 months.

The spell takes place over 5 days

Price: £125


A BRIDGE TOO FAR: This black magick reconciliation spell is for splits that took place anytime from around 3 months ago to 6 months ago. 

This spell takes place over 7 days

Price: £195


RESURRECTION: The most popular black magick reconciliation spell choice, this one is for relationships that have been over for at least 6 months or so, up to a maximum of one year.  OR it can be used for breakups that were particularly conflict or problem-ridden, OR in the case of the other person being someone who is stubborn, very walled off or cut off from their emotions. In any of these cases, stronger work is the best way forward.

This spell takes place over 7 days, involving 3 casts each day for a total of 21 casts.

Price: £325


FROM THE ASHES: If your relationship has been over for a year or so or more, you will need the strongest possible black magick reconciliation spell work. This will apply even if the two of you are in contact. 

This spell takes place over 10 days, involving 3 casts each day for a total of 30 casts.

Price: £395


FRIENDSHIP RECONCILIATION: A special black magick reconciliation spell for those of you seeking to repair a damaged friendship. With this kind of connection, time frames do not strictly apply, though I will say that anything past a 6 month "falling out" timeframe is going to be tricky to remedy unless you have some sporadic contact with them. 

This spell takes place over 5 days

Price: £125


Black Magick Reconciliation Spells

PriceFrom £125.00
  • A range of intense black magick reconciliation spells for returning a ex lover, an ex husband or a friend. Prices for spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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