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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Work,Business, Money & Gambling Mojos


Each Hoodoo mojo bag spell kit contains the following : (1) A ready-assembled mojo bag ,(2) Corresponding hand-blended magickal incense , (3) 20 ml of matching annointing oil , (4) A packet of magickal sprinkling powder in the same formula, (5) Petition paper , (6) 2 beeswax candles, (7) Charcoal discs and (8) Full instructions. For detailed info about mojo bags and other things in the kit, please refer to the magick section in the main menu.

The price includes free shipping for UK and Eire. For all other worldwide destinations there is a shipping fee of £5 per mojo bag. Please add this fee for EACH mojo kit you require. Simply return to this page after adding the mojo kit to your basket and add your shipping fee .

Better Business -Return Customers Mojo Bag: Powerful hoodoo conjure bag for drawing in customers who will spend  money at your place of business. Use this mojo bag for drawing good steady customers . Bring success and prosperity to your business by hanging this mojo bag over the front door or place it in your cash register. If your business is online, place it in a drawer of your desk.

Steady Work - Better Employment Mojo Bag: If you are unhappy due to having no job or not liking your current job, or your work is not steady,or if you need money and can’t find a good paying job, this Mojo bag will change your luck and bring you the changes you want. It will bring you a job which you will really enjoy and be fulfilled by and if you are after a position that will pay you more, it will help in that too. Carry with you at all times especially on job interviews or when putting in for a raise or promotion.

Boss Fix Mojo :If your boss isn't right with you, bring him or her around to favour your cause. This Mojo "turns" a bad boss's attitude and actions toward appreciating you and showing you more favor and kindness.

Money Drawing Mojo Bag: A general money-drawing Mojo which will help you to attract more money into your life. Improves finances in a general way

Lucky "Fortuna" Lodestone Mojo Bag: The "Fortuna" Mojo will draw to you all that you desire- enough good fortune and money that you can forget all your financial problems. If you are unhappy about your current money situation and don’t know what to do about it, carrying this is recommended. This Mojo is good for drawing in larger sums of money , so is good for those of you seeking a large return on an investment, stocks, shares, etc

Gamblers Lucky Hand Mojo Bag- Lottery, Bingo :An all time favorite lucky mojo bag used to enhance your performance at all games of chance. Carry this mojo bag daily for best results. Wear when buying your lottery tickets, playing bingo or gambling at the casino. This mojo bag will be ready to assist you by blessing you with both luck and protection. It contains a special herbal mixture added inside to protect you from those who will try to steal your luck! Carry this mojo bag to be a winner and to also protect your winnings.

3 Jacks And A King Mojo Bag- Card Players: Powerful hoodoo mojo bag used by gamblers who play cards and use the numbers. This mojo is specifically made to aid you at winning when you sit down to play cards or pick your numbers. Carry it in your left hand pocket to ensure a big win at the tables. Place under your pillow while you sleep to dream of your lucky numbers.

Lady Luck Mojo Bag- All purpose gambling: Old time hoodoo charm bag formula used for gambling, fast luck and all around good times. Recommended for types of gambling not mentioned in the other listings, or for those of you who dabble in different kinds of gambling.