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(Spell Work for Finances)


Hello Victoria,


Thank you for the photos. As an update, I am pleased to report that when your message came in, some decisions were in the middle of being made with respect to my finances, one of the areas I asked you to focus on. Happily, I can report that indeed, things have worked out in my favour in that respect and my income tax mess has largely been sorted out, which is a massive, massive relief! This of course, has the knock on effect of improving finances in other areas.


Kind regards, and many thanks,


Kim x



(Spell Work for Career Success)


my sister got her degree today with flying colours!

Thank you so much, Victoria!


Things were beyond any expectation.


It was a TRIUMPH.


I'm almost speachless...


I couldn't go, had to stay home with my father, my mother went with her.


She scored the highest...


The examination boarding was nice and interested in her work (beside her oral work, a big paper about the human body in art, with many psychological connections, she had some multimedia art).


Your magick at its best :-D !




Thank you and blessings!






(New Relationship Reading)


Hi Victoria,

Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a detailed reading. It definitely reflected how I am currently feeling, and it is encouraging to hear that he is on the same page as me. I suppose that has been one of my concerns with this relationship (the last guy I dated was not sincere with his feelings) so it is nice to know that what I am seeing is authentic. Thanks :)


Best regards,





(2 Question Reading)


Hi Victoria,


thanks for the reading. It is very meaningful.


I appreciate your advice and will definitely book an other session with you again.







(Spell Work)


Hi, glad you're feeling better, thank you for the recent spell photos. I can't wait for these to take effect, because I know I'll be glad that I did it.


You did a Hypnotize black magic spell for me and my target back in June, and I just wanted to say that I have really noticed, especially very recently, that he is much more attentive and making time for me, just like I wanted him to. I have been working with Hoodoo on my end as well since the beginning of the year to help back up the work, and I have found that the situation really is getting better and better. Took about 3 months, like you mentioned. Can I expect this to continue for some time, since the magic is strong and I am finally seeing real results?


Thanks again for your help.





(Celtic Cross Reading)


Hi again, i want to thank you for such a detailed and insightful reading. I really enjoyed it and appreciate your help. Nikola x




(2 Tarot Readings)


Hi Victoria, thank you so much for your time and energy x


Both readings were brill , fingers crossed for the future. A lot of the tarot reading I can relate to at present, they seem to help me figure stuff out as it's like someone putting your situation into perspective and allowing you to rearrange things easier , for me anyhow.


Again appreciate the time xxx


Catherine x



(Ex Lover Tarot Reading)


Holy Wow!


You pretty much nailed what I know and what I thought to be true in his head (hard to decipher bc of that wall you mentioned).  



I knew I wasn't nuts (at least about this!).


Thank you xoxoxo so very accurate. So very helpful. Such a wonderful woman you are.

Thanks for the magical info - will def take a look at it. And will def be back for another read.


Much appreciation!





(3 Question Tarot Reading)


First, you have done it again! Spot on from what he's told me! You are truly amazing! Thank you so very much!


Second, what is a break up spell and how do I purchase? Is it on your Etsy shop? Sign me up.






(2 Tarot Readings)




Thank you SO much for your insightful and detailed readings :) I actually had a reading right before yours with a local reader, and you both said the same thing in regards to a lady coming into my life at a bar/pub in the fall so that's pretty cool, hoping it comes to fruition.:) I look forward to the future, and will let you know if something happens!


As for the EX reading, it was a  push in the right direction for me. I am not the type to hang around, and just needed an extra push to get me going to move on. I appreciate the offer for magic, but I don't think the ex is worthy enough of someone like me :) Haha. So thank you for your help.


I referred you to some friends so hope they come knocking!

I hope you feel better!







(Spell Work for House Sale & Court Case Issues)


Hello Victoria,


First of all I want to thank you with all my heart for your persuasion spell casting. It worked perfectly and we could sign the promise to purchase the house with the notary.


The seller accepted our offer and decided to sign with us. This is wonderful ! You made both my children very happy ! And we are looking forward to leave the city for a more quiet country life.


The pictures are very impressive !


I also want to thank you for the win in court spell casting pictures. I know it will take some times but I have faith everything will be fine at the end. And I certainly will let you know about it as soon as I get news from the lawyer.


I really appreciate your help and I send you my kindest wishes,






(Reconciliation Spell Work)


Dear Victoria,


Just wanted to say thank you for your spell work and for reminding me about the invoices! Although I may not have gotten my boyfriend back completely, there is still a chance for reconciliation, and I do not think it would have been possible without your help and skills. I will definitely be purchasing more spell work from you in the future! Thank you so much.







(Future Lover Tarot Reading)


Good evening,



Thank you so much for the reading.  I absolutely loved it.  Very detailed. Best reading I have ever had.  I'm feeling very hopeful for the future!! You are truly a gem.  





(3 Question Tarot Reading)


Wow, wow, wow!! The tarot never fails, this is amazing you most certainly have a gift!


It reaffirms what I have been feeling and thinking as of late and does give me a better sense of understanding.


Thank you and I look forward to contacting you in the future,





(Various spell work)



My life has taken a turn for the better since I used your services. I have no doubt it was your doing. I am interested in some other spells. I am just unsure if it is to soon. No rush on the reply.


Thank you,



I regularly receive direct emails from customers who wanted to reach out and let me know what they thought about whatever service they bought from me. Below are some actual comments I have received , though I have have of course omitted email addresses and full names. Note this is just a very small number of examples from the huge amount I have stored in one of my email folders. If you would prefer to view actual screenshots of emailed reviews, please navigate to the sub menu below the main reviews tab. If you would like to have a review published, email me through the contact form or message me directly at my Gmail 

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