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Magickal Products - Useful Information

Updated: Jan 9

My mojo bag spell kits, like my standard spell castings, are Hoodoo-based (not to be confused with Voodoo !). Everything in them is hand -blended to order using the finest herbs, flowers, roots, resins, oils and powders. All my kits follow traditional receipes that have been used in Hoodoo for many generatations. All kits come with full instructions and I am always around to answer any follow up questions you might have. Here is a some info on the things spell kits typically contain. PLEASE DON'T ORDER MORE THAN 2 MOJOS/KITS AT A TIME, it will overload you.

Here I discuss how to work with some of the magickal products I offer. Learn about working with mojo bags, candles, powders and more.
Using Magickal Products- an Information Guide

Magickal Products - Mojo Bags Info

Mojo bags are a common staple of Hoodoo magickal practice and one of the most well known type of magickal products. Also known as a Mojo hand, Conjure bag, Trick bag, Root bag or Gris-gris, a Mojo bag is a small, portable sealed pouch which has been filled with specialized herbs, roots and other curios which are appropriate to the magickal purpose of the bag. Traditionally, Mojo bags are made up using red flannel cloth, though the use of other materials and colours is not unusual. I myself use cotton bags, choosing a colour appropriate to the spell. Please beware of "Mojo Bags" made from sheer fabrics - you should NOT be able to see into a Mojo Bag. Bags made with those organza pouches are NOT authentic Hoodoo Mojo bags.

Decant the herb spell formula into your mojo bag. If the spell is targeting another person, you can add 'personal concerns' of theirs to the bag,if you are able to get hold of them. This could be a nail clipping, hair, secretions of any kind, a section of their handwriting cut from a letter, etc. If it's a love spell and you are of menstruating age, a few drops of your blood will be a super powerful addition! You can also add a hand written 'petition' if you like, e.g 'Mary and I will reconcile within the next 2 months', or 'My family and I are protected from all negative forces'.

The mojo bag can be thought of as a portable altar which reminds you of what you intend to manifest in your life. You should keep your Mojo bag with you as much of the time as possible; when you sleep at night, place it under your pillow or within your pillowcase sleeve. If you are staying at home in the day, place it in a pocket, or lodge it in your bra . If out and about, again, use a pocket if possible, otherwise place it in your handbag . By keeping your Mojo bag close like this, you constantly remind yourself of what you are asking the universe for, and you amplify your intentions on a consistent basis. You must work with your Mojo bag to help bring the results that you want. Once a week, you will need to "feed" your bag. You do this by lighting the candle and saying your intention out loud repeatedly for a whole minute or to, all the while holding the mojo bag. For example, 'Jamie will develop stronger feelings for me', or 'I will be chosen for the job I have applied for'. Try to do this on the same day each week. You can also dab spell oil onto the bag, if you happen to have bought some. If you are working more than one bag, work with each bag on a different day.It is also good to take it out (when you are alone) and sit quietly with it, just "feeling it". It is quite common to give each of your Mojo Bags a name. It doesn't matter what the name is , and if something unusual comes to mind, that is just fine. The bag's name might come to you straight away, or it might take some weeks of working with it before something comes to mind.There are a some of exceptions to the rule of keeping it on your person though :

- if your Mojo Bag is for "safe travel" for example, then you would keep it in your car at all times, not on your person , but again, keep it out of sight - underneath a seat is a good idea. If your Mojo Bag is for a home blessing, then you would place it somewhere safe and out of sight within your home.

Magickal Products - Loose Incense Info

This magickal product is custom-blended according to the spell/magick and a little goes a long way ! Incense is made using herbs, roots, resins, flowers and sometimes some oils and powdered crystals;it varies formula to formula. If you don't have a special burner for this type of incense, just use a small plate. To protect the plate from burn marks, put the salt on it.Have a pair of tongs to hand to hold the disk while you light it . Close the door to the room you are in an have a window open as it does tend to stink for a bit once lit ! Hold the flame to the edge til it "catches" then set down on the salt. It will take a short while to get going and will smoke like mad for a bit. When you see that it goes lighter in colour, it is ready to use. If unsure, google how to light charcoal disks. I find that the heat is so intense it can oversmoke/overburn the incense so I make a little tiny "bowl" from some plain old kitchen foil and sit that on top of the lit disk (when it is ready to use), THEN I add a pinch of the incense. This cuts down on the smoke emitted and helps the incense burn slower and steadier. A pinch will usually burn for a few minutes , but that is all you need for any ceremony. You do not have to keep putting incense in to have it burn for the entire duration, unless you want to. When finished with it, I tend to dump it all in the nearest sink and put the tap on. Messy, but quick ! Feel free to use your incense at any time and alongside other magickal products - it is not just for mojo ceremonies.

Magickal Products - Sprinkling Powder

Sachet/sprinkling powders are a range of magickal products that can be used in a variety of ways in addition to those ways already mentioned. You are encouraged to get creative about how you use it, just do not ingest it ! Here are some common ways it can be used , but there is plenty of info on the net if you want to look into it more deeply. - Sprinkle it in corners of one or more rooms in your house. Just a pinch is fine. - Have a picture/object representing something related to your intention/wish, whether the intention is to do with a person, a new car you want, a certain job you want, etc .....put it on a flat surface and sprinkle once a week with the powder - Put a little of it in a small muslim drawstring bag, keep in your car/purse/bag and pull out, open and sniff anytime you want to connect to the magickal intention you have set in motion - Sprinkle over the clothes/belongings of the other person, if someone else is the target of the magick - Sprinkle by the doors/windows/path of the target's home, office, etc - Sprinkle over anything related to your intention, eg for money magick, you would sprinkle over paperwork, wallets, inside coin jars, etc

Magickal Products - Conjure Oil

Much like many of the magickal products mentioned above, you can get creative about how you use this; it is not just for putting on candles. Dab onto ritual objects, dab on your clothes and person, dot onto items connected with the intention of your spell, dot onto the spellvelopes, etc. I use sweet almond oil as the base for all my conjure oils. If you have a problem with this, I can use something else like olive oil – just let me know in advance

Magickal Products - Spell Envelopes

These are not traditional Hoodoo magickal products, but contain Hoodoo magick mixes and are a great way to boost and reinforce any magickal work you undertake, whether you are working with a deluxe spell kit, or using it as an add on to other magickal products. They can even be done all by themselves, when there is no other ritual work going on. These small envelopes contain a specially blended ground down mix of various herbs, roots, flowers, curios, etc, along with some oils. The colour of the envelope corresponds to the nature of the spell. To use these, you need a cauldron or a big bowl/saucepan, etc - anything goes really so long as it can contain the mini "fire". I suggest using these once a week, beginning ONE WEEK AFTER YOU ASSEMBLE YOUR MOJO. You may light a spellvelope on the same day you work with your mojo, or it can be a different day. Go with your natural inclination as your own instinct will tell you when it is the right time to use it. If you want to keep using them once the 3 are all used up, I can make new ones for you. To use, simply place your vessel on a flat surface, sit or stand up, hold in one hand and light a corner with the other while speaking aloud your intentions (remember to phrase things like you did for the intention paper you placed in the mojo bag).

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