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How Can You Tell if a Magic Spell is Working?

Updated: May 1

How can you tell if a magic spell is working?

How Can You Tell a Magic Spell is Working?

As a practitioner of all kinds of spellcasting services, I get asked a lot of questions, as you can imagine. One of the most common queries I receive relates to how you can tell if a magic spell is actually working? What signs should a person look out for to determine if a magic spell is starting to do its thing? Below I have listed a number of things that can help you realise that your chosen magic spell is beginning to work. This is not an exhaustive list, but it covers the most common things that tend to occur.

A List of Things that Can Indicate a Spell is Working

  1. Intuition and Gut Feeling: Often, individuals report a deep intuition or gut feeling that the spell is having an effect. Trusting one's instincts can be a powerful indicator.

  2. Synchronicities and Signs: Look out for synchronicities or meaningful coincidences that seem to align with the intention of the spell. These can serve as affirmations of the spell's effectiveness.

  3. Changes in Energy: Some people notice shifts in energy patterns around them or within themselves, or the target of the spell work. This can manifest as feelings of lightness, clarity, or a sense of movement in desired directions.

  4. Dreams and Visions: Pay attention to dreams or visions that may provide insights related to the spell's intention or outcome. These can sometimes be vivid and profound and are an excellent sign of a spell working.

  5. Manifestation of Desired Outcomes: If the spell was cast to bring about a specific result, observe whether those outcomes start to materialize in your life. This could be anything from improved relationships to career advancements.

  6. Heightened Awareness: The spell may enhance your awareness or sensitivity to subtle energies, allowing you to perceive shifts in the environment or within yourself more keenly.

  7. Feeling of Empowerment or Confidence: Successful spells often leave individuals feeling empowered, confident, and more in control of their lives or the situation they were addressing. These types of feelings are another way to can tell if a spell is working.

  8. Feedback from Others: Sometimes, people around you may notice changes in your demeanour, behaviour, or circumstances that align with the intentions of your spell. Their observations can serve as validation.

  9. Inner Guidance and Inspiration: You may find yourself receiving inspired ideas or guidance that lead you closer to your desired outcome. Pay attention to these insights as they may be the universe guiding you.

  10. Physical Sensations: Some individuals experience physical sensations such as tingling, warmth, or a sense of pressure as a sign that the spell is working. These sensations can be subtle but distinct.

  11. Journaling and Reflection: Keeping a journal of the spell work and reflecting on your experiences over time can help you identify patterns and recognize the effectiveness of your spells. Looking back over your notes can help you to tell if a spell is working as a written record is always there for you to refer to.

Remember, the way a spell manifests its effects can vary greatly depending on the individual, the intention, and the circumstances. Trust your own experiences and observations, and be open to receiving the magic in whatever form it may come.

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