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Binding Magic-Keep Them Close With a Love Binding Spell

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Binding magick ties your loved one to you so they don't go elsewhere. If you want to keep them close, my black magic binding spell is the solution
Binding Magic -Keep Them Close With a Black Magic Love Binding Spell

What Exactly is a Love Binding Spell?

One of the popular black magic spells I have in my inventory is a love binding spell. Binding magic involves a series of rituals that take place across 5 days, in addition to performing basic cauldron spellcastings, where herbs and resins are placed into a sealed envelope then burned. But what exactly is the purpose of a love binding spell? In a nutshell, this type of magic works to 'tie' or 'bind' someone to you in such a manner that they will find it next to impossible to extricate themselves from your life. They will be compelled to be closer to you, to spend more time with you, to not look at anyone else as a relationship prospect. They will want to be part of your life in a bigger way. Undoubtedly, love binding spell work does have a strong 'domination' and 'influence' factor; it's a LOT 'bossier' than a straightforward commitment spell, for example. Binding spell work is usually selected by people who want to feel a little more control over their relationship and their loved one. A love binding spell is not everyone's cup of tea, but if you are seeking more control over the person in the context of having them feel pretty terrible if they even begin to consider exiting the relationship, then this is the right kind of love spell for you.

Is a Love Binding Spell the Same as a Marriage Spell?

Binding magic does not automatically mean that the target is going to begin thinking of marriage, nor is it to do with nudging someone to make an actual marriage proposal. It is pretty common for people to think of binding spells to be marriage spells but the two should not be confused. If marriage is what you are seeking, the black magick Get Serious Spell is the one to go for, which you can find over at the Black Magick Love Spells Section

By all means compliment this with the love binding spell if you want to add a domination element to the union, epecially in a situation where your loved one has proven to be a little restless or inconsistent in the past, or they have a wandering eye.

Does Binding Magic Affect Both of us or Just the Target?

When I cast a love binding spell, you will see your name on the spell envelopes when I send you photographic proof of the work, but the whole point of binding magic is to tie the target of the spell TO YOU. The other person is always the focus of a binding spell.

Can a Love Binding Spell be Undone?

Any of my spells can be undone, so if at any point in time you find yourself having regrets about having a love binding spell cast, you can request that it be undone by ordering the Unbinding Spell over at the Domination and Binding Black Magick Spells page, where you will also find the love binding spell that I've discussed in this article.


Have you got some more general questions about my spellcasting services? Pop over to the FAQ section, where I answer all of the most commonly asked queries.

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