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Protection & Uncrossing


In the main menu there are links to magick FAQ's, payment and ordering info and details I need for spell work. PLEASE check the links before asking me things as all common queries are addressed on the website. Thank you.

Below, I have outlined the range of spellcastings I offer for protection and uncrossing. Prices are for ONE casting ; should you wish a spell to be double-cast, please purchase two, and for triple-cast, purchase three. You can mix and match spells to tailor them to your situation and cover the issue from more angles. Corresponding spell kits are available for all my spells , which I recommend you consider in order to empower the magickal work so it is at its strongest and most effective. There are extra choices in the kits section as there are some areas I won't do castings for, but I can provide what you need to do things yourself.


BLOCKBUSTER : If there seems to be a really bad case of blockages, like you are beating your head against the wall trying to get a situation to make progress, this spell can help.

BANISHING : Banish all unwanted conditions and negative energies from your environment. This is a spell often used to help with work where unwanted spirits are the focus of the banishing intentions.

CLEANSING : Helps to get rid of negative energies and clear away problems that have been causing you to feel troubled.

CLEARANCE : Used to get rid of bad spirits and negativity they have created in your life

EXORCISM : Similar to the Clearance spell above, but for more serious cases of spirit troubles where something stronger is required

UNCROSSING : A general Uncrossing spell to get rid of negative, crossed conditions in your life

LOVE UNCROSSING : A spell that works to clear away negative, crossed conditions in your love life.

RUN DEVIL RUN : A spell that chases away unwanted conditions in your life. A good add-on spell to other, similar work.

JINX REMOVER: Powerful conjure used to remove all jinxes and crossed conditions that have been placed on you. Do you feel someone has sent bad mojo your way? Or are things just going wrong for you all the time lately ? If this is you, then conditions in your life are "crossed" . Someone specific may have jinxed you, or it's just bad luck. Work with this product range to cleanse yourself of these conditions. Use it to remove crossed conditions and jinxes and then prevent more from coming your way. Bring back good fortune and success into your life and get rid of crossed conditions with this range.

UNHEXING/CURSE-REMOVING : If you think your bad luck is more than just crossed or jinxed conditions, you may be thinking that you have you been cursed, that someone has put a hex on you. You may even know for a fact that this is so. This is a rare state of affairs but it does happen and it IS very real. If everything in your life is going badly wrong, then chances are you have been cursed . This formula will cleanse this evil condition from yourself. A curse or hex is usually conjured up and placed on you by an enemy. You must stop them now otherwise they could very well ruin your life. Send back this curse to your enemy and keep yourself cleansed of all future curses and hexes. If your case is extreme, you are probably going to need additional help so please contact me for advice on what products to try. (Deluxe kit strongly advised for maximum magickal energy)

CAST OFF EVIL : Strong spell used to remove all negative influences and banish all unwanted conditions in your life, especially unwanted people, be it friends or family. Send evil running out the door, keep troublesome neighbours away from you and keep them out of your business. Stop gossip and troublemakers from taking over you life. Bring peace, happiness and blessings back into your life. Use for situations that are not as extreme as ones which might make you feel you are jinxed or cursed.

VAN VAN : This is used to ward off any evil conditions sent your way. Van Van clears out and removes all bad mojo while blessing you with good fortune. There is nothing like a traditional van van herbal mixture to keep you cleansed and blessed throughout the day. Legend holds that it was a Van Van Purification Mojo Bag that was used by voudon queen Marie Laveau for protection against the evil eye.

RETURN TO SENDER : This has been formulated to give your opponent/enemy a taste of their own bad medicine.  Return to sender, both known and unknown, negativel conditions  that are being put on you by your enemies. Send these evil conditions back to your enemies so they may suffer from what they have conjured up.

PROTECTION : An all -purpose protection formula when you might not have extreme life conditions to deal with but just want a bit more peace of mind or it just makes you feel good to have one of these. Protect your home, protect a new business, protect a secret , protect a relationship and so on.

PSYCHIC PROTECTION : Strong formula used to ward off all psychic attacks, both spiritual and physical. Stop suffering from night time attacks by demons who invade your dreams and body. Protect yourself at a time when you are most vulnerable. This is a favorite of clairvoyants, mesmerists and often recommended by hypnotist for their clients who suffer from neuro-hypnotism also known as nervous sleep. Use to stop nightmares and helps prevent spirits from entering your body while you sleep.

FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION: Traditional Southern style formula made using a very old biblical hoodoo formula. The concept of a fiery wall of protection is steeped in the spiritual belief that one must fight the devil (or whatever you want to call the source of darkness) and all evil with it’s own elemental force, which is fire. This range has been a long time favorite of spiritualist and magickal practitioners who need to protect themselves from the evils they are about to cast out of their clients but can be used by anyone. Use with an un-hexing or de-cursing products if you feel that your situation warrants it. (Deluxe kit strongly advised for maximum magickal energy)

SAFE TRAVEL : This spell focuses on protection for all modes of travel, assuring you a safe journey, and can at the same time ease any anxieties you may have about travelling.

STOP GOSSIP : If people are talking about you behind your back , choose this spell to stop their stirring and to re-establish your reputation/standing in the eyes of anyone who listened to bad talk about you.

BLESSING : A general blessing spell which I can perform to bless a new baby, a new house, a new relationship, a new job, etc. It protects and blesses all things in a general way.

ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION : If you are a Christian, this spell may appeal to you. It works to bring the love, comfort, blessings and protection of Jesus Christ to you.

7 HOLY SPIRITS :  For the help and protection of the 7 holy spirits in any and all endeavours.