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Welcome to my exclusive Titania's Fortune Cards Cartomancy Reading service, where you can unlock the secrets of your destiny and gain valuable insights into your life's journey. I say 'exclusive' because it's actually pretty hard to find a practitioner who is familiar with Lenormand card readings, so online availability of this kind of psychic reading is pretty uncommon. I think Titania's Fortune Telling deck makes a really interesting change from  traditional Tarot readings, so why not change it up a bit and try something completely new! If you are would like to know a bit more, check out my blog post where I discuss what Cartomancy is and what Lenormand cards are.


As an experienced  practitioner of this ancient and powerful form of divination, I am here to guide you on a transformative and enlightening journey using the renowned Titania's Fortune Cards, also known as Lenormand cards. In a broader sense, this kind of psychic reading is a branch of something called 'Cartomancy'. Traditionally, this is a method of fortune telling using plain old playing cards, but over the years the practice expanded into creating decks that included specific imagery alongside the playing card references. It is indeed a truly unique method of divination that doesn't have any relation to the Tarot, other than it involving a deck of cards to provide psychic insights.


About Titania's Fortune Cards: Titania's Fortune Cards, a distinct brand of Lenormand cards, have been cherished for decades as a trusted tool for gaining clarity and wisdom. These modern cards offer a unique blend of symbolic imagery and intuitive guidance, making them a perfect choice for exploring the art of Cartomancy.




One Question Reading

  • Get concise insights into a specific area of your life or a pressing question. I will draw and interpret one card to provide you with a clear and insightful answer.

Two Question Reading

  • Delve deeper into your concerns or inquiries. I will draw and interpret two Lenormand cards, offering more detailed guidance and a holistic perspective on your questions.

Three Question Reading

  • Explore a broader range of topics or gain comprehensive insights into a single issue. With three cards, I will provide you with a detailed analysis of each question, helping you navigate life's challenges.

Four Question Reading

  • Seek guidance on multiple aspects of your life with Taitania's Fortune Telling cards or unravel the complexity of a situation. I will draw and interpret four cards, offering in-depth insights and actionable advice.

Five Question Reading

  • Embark on a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and understanding. I will draw and interpret five Lenormand cards, addressing each of your questions with care and precision.




Select Your Reading: Choose the reading that suits your needs - one, two, three, four, or five questions.

Ask Your Questions: Formulate your questions concisely and clearly. Focus on the areas of your life or concerns you wish to explore. Pose these questions in the box that comes up during checkout, or use the contact form to send them over.

Receive Your Reading: I will personally conduct your reading, drawing the Titania's Fortune Cards and interpreting their messages. You will receive a detailed, written report of your reading via email within the specified timeframe.



Unlock the wisdom of the Titania's Fortune Cards and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Whether you have burning questions or seek general guidance, my Lenormand  Cartomancy readings are designed to provide you with valuable insights and clarity on your life's path.

Choose your reading today and let the magic of Titania's Fortune Cards illuminate your destiny!




Orders placed Saturday or Sunday will be done Wednesday
Orders placed Monday or Tuesday will be done Friday
Orders placed Wednesday,Thursday or Friday will be done Monday

PLEASE FACTOR IN TIME ZONE DIFFERENCES – eg if you live in Australia, you are 10 hours ahead of the UK, which will likely add an extra day’s wait from your perspective.
Very occasionally there may be a delay with your reading, due to unforseen events, illness , etc. 




You will receive a receipt from Paypal to confirm your purchase. I do not send out individual acknowledgement emails - the fact that Paypal sends you (and me) a receipt confirms your purchase so please do not email asking if we have received your order. So long as you have sent over the information required for your chosen service, I will not normally contact you before the  your reading is scheduled.


If you have questions about the Titania's Cartomancy reading, or anything else, be sure to check the FAQ area, where all common queries about psychic readings and other questions are addressed.




Titania's Fortune Telling Cartomancy Reading

PriceFrom £9.00
  • Discover the unique world of Titania's Cartomancy Readings, a Lenormand-inspired oracle, offering profound insights into your life's journey, whatever your questions may be.

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