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If you have already spent some time looking through the spell options and have also looked through the FAQ section but are still confused about some aspect of spell work, or what spell/s to choose, I am happy to answer a few brief questions but if you have an appreciable amount to ask or discuss then as this takes up more of my time, please order a spell work consultation. 


Sometimes, a prospective client emails me with an essay-length outline of their problem, dotted with various questions. Oftentimes, most of those questions are already answered on my website, but the person has not taken any time to have a look around. If this is you- please take the time to check the FAQ's first. There really is no actual NEED for longer winded explanations, but on occasion a customer may have a pressing urge to go into great detail, or has various questions, or is confused about what to choose and is seeking advice that may result in a back and forth exchange that is unlikely to be brief. If this sounds like you, please order a consult. 


PLEASE NOTE that by ordering a consult, it does not mean I am happy to receive a really LONG list of questions. There have been times when I've received an email with 10 or more queries. Please try not to overthink things!


ALSO NOTE that a spell work consultation does not involve me doing a Tarot reading.

I will get back to you by EMAIL   to discuss your case and offer spell suggestions. If your order comes in on the weekend, it won't usually be answered until Monday. Typically I'll reply during the working week within 48 hours. Please do not request a phone consult as I do not offer those.


Use the contact form after ordering your spell work consultation to send over your message.

Spell Work Consultation

  • Confused about what spells to do ? More than a few basic questions that are not addressed in my FAQ area ? A lot you want to run by me? A spell work consultation may be the best way forward.

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