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Prices shown are for ONE casting of your chosen Hoodoo work spell. Add the item TWICE for a double cast or THREE times for a triple cast (each extra casting adds strength)


BETTER BUSINESS : This Hoodoo work spell draws in more customers who will spend money at your place of business, whether this is online or an actual shop in the "real" world. It encourages business prosperity and regular customers who will return time and again.

STEADY WORK : If you are unhappy due to not having a job, or if you don't like your current job and want a better one, or if your work is not steady, then this spell will work to bring the changes you desire. It will bring you a job you will really enjoy, and if you are after a position that will pay more, it can help with that too.

BOSS FIX : If your boss is not treating you too well, or you just don't seem to get along, this spell will help to improve relations. It can turn a bad boss's attitude around , so they appreciate you more and show you more respect. It can also help the pair of you find some common ground so you get along better.

CHYPRE : A Hoodoo work spell for creating a good impression where job hunting or other work-related matters are concerned

LOOK ME OVER : A career spell that helps you to draw the intention of whoever it is that is important to you making progress. Gets them to notice you and make you a priority.

I CAN, YOU CAN'T : A career spell that helps you to get ahead of a rival so that you come out on top. Useful for a wide variety of job-related situations, eg. Get picked for a promotion over someone else, get chosen for a particular change instead of someone else. Come out the victor in any kind of competetive situation.

Hoodoo Work Spells

  • You can mix and match any spells. Prices for Hoodoo work spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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