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Prices shown are for ONE casting of your chosen Hoodoo Influence and Power spell. Add the item TWICE for a double cast or THREE times for a triple cast (each extra casting adds strength)


BEND OVER SPELL : Do you need to have more control over the people in your life? Are there people working against you? If the answer to these questions is yes, then choose the  Bend Over Hoodoo Influence and power spell . Use to keep your family, friends, co-workers and enemies in line. Stop the gossip and stop them from meddling in your decisions. This spell  will help you to control those around you, make them see things your way, make them decide in your favour, make them do your bidding, willingly. Use the power of this spell  to be successful, powerful and in control of your life.


DO AS I SAY: This is a bossy influence spell to get the other person to fall in line with whatever you tell them to do. If you are tired of someone simply not listening to you,this is a great choice.

DOMINATION LOVER SPELL  : Is your partner out of control? Are they dishonest or maybe cheating on you? Are they away from home a lot, or do they treat you badly? Or not doing what you want them to ? If so, you can change that condition around by choosing this spell . Take control of a bad relationship situation and get the upper hand in your relationship.

JOHN THE CONQUEROR SPELL :  The essence of a man's nature. Sexually it will help you conquer all women plus it will assist in creating and dictating the amount of success and good fortune you have throughout your life. Be more successful, be more powerful, be more in control, be somebody. Charge yourself up on all levels. This is a  spell for men only.

MASTER KEY SPELL  - All Purpose Control. This influence and power spell  is used to master the will and mind of whomever you choose. It will help you unlock the powers of mind control and achieve domination over others. This is a powerful spell  that helps you get power over others for you own gain. Be in control all the time, make the right decisions and become successful. Advance your position in life. Use it if you want to unlock the occult powers within you . Be aware of what goes on behind your back so you can protect yourself from all evil conditions. Dominate whomever you wish with insight into the thoughts and motivations of others with this spell .

KING SOLOMON'S WISDOM SPELL: Draws tremendous wisdom and power to the user, especially when making important decisions. This power spell  will help you to always be confident in the choices you make and it will unlock the doorway for you to gain greater knowing, more personal power, more awareness and more insight.

PERSONAL POWER SPELL: This spell  is used increase your personal inner strength and spiritual power. This is the spell  to use if you want more influence and control over your life, but without dominating others in any overt way. This spell will strengthen your self -confidence and empower you. Especially good if you are feeling as though you have little control over what's going on in your life , if you are feeling weak and ineffectual and if situations have dragged you down and left you confused and floundering. Get in control of yourself.

CONVINCING SPELL : Get someone to see something your way - get them to agree. This spell  will influence another to come around to your way of thinking, ie convinces them you are right about something.

COMPELLING SPELL : Target someone's emotions or conscience with this spell, which has the effect of compelling someone to really feel /understand something , resulting in them coming around to things. This spell has a "beseeching" quality while also having an influence angle.

COMMANDING SPELL : A spell to command something of someone. Think of this spell as being like an order to do this or that. Can be used on anyone - a boss, loved one, friend, neighbour, etc. Also, in a more general sense, the Commanding spell can be used to quite literally enhance the aura of "command" that you give off, so that others see you mean business and treat you with more respect.

INFLUENCE SPELL : This spell influences someone to make a certain decision. Commonly used in court and legal cases, but can help any situation where you need to plant ideas and thoughts into someone's head to influence the outcome of something. A good choice if you want something strong but not overly domineering.

TIED SPELL : Stop a meddlesome person from interfering, get them to back off .Use this spell  on people to stop their ability to interfere, or on those you need to control to get them to stop doing something.

UNTRUTHFUL SPELL : Get someone to reveal the truth when you think they have lied. Compels honesty.


Hoodoo Influence & Power Spells

  • You can mix and match any spells. Prices for Hoodoo Influence and Power spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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