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This super intense black magic spell works to transform any negative, challenging or stubborn situation into something more positive, rewarding, satisfying and successful. Alongside my  7 Sister spell, which you can find here, this is one of my most powerful spells, but unlike it's Deluxe counterpart, there is no involvement of spirits, and you can focus on more than one life issue if you want to. 




A total of SIX incredibly strong black magic spells will be performed. These will NOT be any spells you see listed on the website; I will select custom spells from my personal Grimoire, customised to your specific needs. Each of the 6 spells will be cast 6 times, for a total of 36 castings. These will take place over consecutive days (not including weekends). And of course, as with all my spell casting services, you will receive photographic proof of the work. 


You can choose to focus the 6 black magic spells on just ONE life area/problem, or the spells can target multiple life areas/issues. Sometimes a problem going on in one area of life can end up impacting another, so it can be a helpful approach to address different troublesome areas at the same time. 


Like the alchemist in his laboratory working hard to transmute base metals into gold, I will be casting these black magic spells to transmute  these problem areas from one state to another, helping you to transform any problematic life area into something that is working for you on a higher, more positive and beneficial level. Whether your issues are to do with love, sex, money, career, luck, etc, by taking a magical approach that is fantastically intense, this can facilitate great changes that more basic work may be unable to achieve. 




In addition to the basic details required for any kind of spell work, I need you to list what life areas/problems you want me to focus on. Remember - you have 6 spells at your disposal and you can focus on just one area, getting 6 complimentary spells to tackle one thing, or you can spread the spells around however you like. Be clear with your list and briefly outline your intent/desire for each choice. Send all info to me via the contact form, or email me directly (my email should appear on the receipt).


For any general questions about magic, be sure to check the magic FAQ section out.



Black Magic Alchemist Transformation Spell

  • One of my most powerful spells, the Alchemist is a spell designed to transform up to 6 problematic life areas, or you can focus all 6 spells on one core issue. 

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