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Are you seeking divine guidance and profound insights to navigate life's journey with clarity and purpose? My  Angel Guide Reading  service offers you a spiritual gateway to connect with the celestial realm, discover your inner wisdom, and receive messages of love, guidance, and enlightenment from the angels.


About the Angel Guide Reading: My Angel Messages Reading is a unique opportunity to tap into the wisdom of your personal guardian angels. I will help you establish a profound connection with your angelic guides through Doreen Virtue's famous Angel cards. Through a combination of meditation, intuition, and angelic wisdom from the Angel cards, we will unveil the messages and guidance your angels have for you. Whether you're facing life's challenges or seeking direction on a specific issue, this reading will illuminate your path and provide comfort, support, and inspiration.


Tailor Made Angel Messages Reading: The Angel Messages Reading is a profound experience that allows you to receive messages directly from the angelic realm. The cards will act as a conduit between you and the angels, translating their celestial messages into insights and guidance tailored specifically to you. These messages do not focus on a specific life area, but rather pick up on whatever insights the Angels feel are most important for you right now, to promote spiritual growth, while offering profound clarity and reassurance.


Why Choose Me for Your Angelic Reading?


  • Experienced Reader: I've been reading the cards for over 30 years, so I am highly skilled and experienced in angelic communication and spiritual guidance.
  • Personalized Guidance: Every reading is personalized to your unique energy and needs.
  • Empowering Insights: Gain valuable insights and guidance to make informed decisions and embrace your spiritual journey.
  • Uncover Hidden Potential: Discover your hidden potential and the opportunities that lie ahead.
  • Clarity and Comfort: Find clarity, comfort, and peace of mind as you receive messages of love and support from the angelic realm.


Experience the transformative power of an Angel Guide Reading and let the wisdom of the angels light your path and guide you towards a life filled with purpose, love, and divine harmony.


Open your heart and soul to the angelic guidance you seek. Book your Angel Reading today and embark on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment. Your celestial companions are waiting to share their wisdom and love with you.




To conduct your Angel reading I will only need your name and email address. You can jot this info down in the box that appears during checkout, or you can send it across through the contact form.




Orders placed Saturday or Sunday will be done Wednesday
Orders placed Monday or Tuesday will be done Friday
Orders placed Wednesday,Thursday or Friday will be done Monday

PLEASE FACTOR IN TIME ZONE DIFFERENCES – eg if you live in Australia, you are 10 hours ahead of the UK, which will likely add an extra day’s wait from your perspective.
Very occasionally there may be a delay with your reading, due to unforseen events, illness , etc. 




You will receive a receipt from Paypal to confirm your purchase. I do not send out individual acknowledgement emails - the fact that Paypal sends you (and me) a receipt confirms your purchase so please do not email asking if we have received your order. So long as you have sent over the information required for your chosen service, I will not normally contact you before the  your reading is scheduled.




Not sure if an Angel Guide reading is the best choice for your situation? Be sure to check out my complete range of Tarot readings, and discover something more suitable.






Angel Guide Reading

  • Discover divine guidance and receive personalized messages with my Angel Guide Reading, connecting you with guardian angels for clarity, insights, and empowerment.

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