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For general information about spell services, ordering, delivery, etc, please be sure to check out the comprehensive FAQ section prior to contacting me with any questions. As with all my spell services, photographic proof will be emailed to you once things are complete.




Hoodoo candle vigils are a great way to boost/enhance existing spell work you have had done recently. A candle spell vigil will add an extra layer of power to the magickal work and can be used while spell work is going on right now, or used some time after spell work has been done, to give things a boost. This kind of service is useful if you feel that the effects of spell work might be waning, or are not quite strong enough.

Candle spell vigils take ANY of my standard Hoodoo spells  or black magick spells and replicate the exact ingredients of those formulas. I make up a Hoodoo powder from this, which is what the candle "sits" in. I also make a corresponding oil, to annoint the candle daily, and a matching herb/root/resin mix, which dresses the actual candle.

I also tie a petition (request) to the candle that outlines the intention of the vigil, along with your name and any other names relevant. The spell candle is then burned for a certain amount of time each day over 7  days.

This service, as with all spell work, includes photos of the work so you have proof it has been done. You will see what is written on your petition, and will have various shots of the work being prepped and in progress. I send out all photos within a couple of days of work finishing.

One candle vigil is required PER SPELL you want boosted. For example, if there are 3 different love spell services you've had done recently, one vigil per service is required. There is no "one vigil for all work done" - it does not work like that. Formulas on the candle have to specifically match the formulas of the work you have had done before and want boosted.

To order, add the required amount of vigils to your basket, then once you've paid, contact me through the site or directly to my email address if you have it, listing the names of the spells you want boosted.

7 Day Hoodoo Candle Vigil

  • My 7 day Hoodoo candle spell service is a great way to boost recent spell work. Prices for spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there. 

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