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Spell Casting Services - The Method

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

For all Hoodoo spells, along with part of the process involved with my black magick spell services, the appropriate spell formula is placed inside of a small envelope whose colour corresponds to the intention of the spell. A spell formula usually involves a number of different herbs, although some formulas require a certain incense, magickal dust or other item not classified as a herb. In preparation for the spell casting service,your name is written on the spell envelope/s and a photo taken , so when it comes to sending over photographic proof, you can be confident the spell is indeed yours, not someone else's. Please note that in the event of you ordering multiple spells, it is common for me to label only one envelope with your full name, and to abbreviate your name on subsequent envelopes.

For the actual spell casting process, I use a cast iron cauldron so things are burned safely. If the weather is not cold, I will usually do this in my garden. Otherwise, I use the kitchen, with the doors to the garden wide open. I guess this truly makes me a "kitchen witch"!

I light a candle , then proceed to burn your spell envelope in the flame before placing it in the cauldron. At various times while the candle is lit and the spell envelope is burning, I recite out loud the magickal request and any particular ritual words or chant which may apply. While the spell burns, I take a photo for you. Once the envelope stops burning, your spell casting service is complete.

In this blog post I discuss my personal magical practice. Learn what goes on behind the scenes when I'm casting spells for customers.
My Spell casting Services -Practice and Methods

Spell Casting Using Black Magick Spell Castings

The process of burning envelopes is part of any kind of spell casting services I perform , but with black magick spells there is an additional, behind-the-scenes element to my method, involving a special ritual that will be tailored to the specific black magick spell/s you chose. This part of my spell casting process cannot be photographed for obvious reasons. The ritual element of my spell casting during black magick spell work is done each and every day for each spell you order.

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