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Reiki Chakra Balancing Stones -User Guide For Chakra Crystals

Chakra positions for chakra balancing stones available on my website
Reiki Chakra Balancing Stones User Guide

What do I do With my Reiki Chakra Balancing Crystal?

There is nothing complicated involved working with reiki chakra balancing stones. Pick a time when you are not going to be disturbed for a good 30 or 40 minutes. Find a place to lie down where you can completely relax. Draw the curtains and light some candles if you like, although it is perfectly fine to relax in a daylight setting too. If you are drawn to putting some quiet music on, by all means do so. A backdrop of sounds that are nature-inspired would be perfect, e.g rain, fire, rainforest, birdsong, whalesong...or perhaps some classical music. Whatever you prefer is just fine.

Switch off all electronic devices so your chakra balancing session is not interrupted by alert noises or ring tones. Wear loose fitting clothing and keep shoes off your feet. Pick up your crystal, lie yourself down and just spend a few minutes doing some deep breathing to relax yourself right down. Focus on the sound of your breath. If your attention wanders, just softly bring it back to the sound of your breathing.

Using the images on this page as your reference point for positioning, place your chakra balancing crystal/s on the relevant chakra area/s as follows:

CROWN: Above your head. You can also strap it directly onto your crown using a hairband

THIRD EYE: In between your eyes

THROAT: On the indented area just above where your collar bones meet in the middle

HEART: On the heart area (central chest, slightly above the pecs/breasts)

SOLAR PLEXUS: A couple of inches above the navel

SACRAL: A couple of inches below the navel

ROOT: Pubic area

Now spend a few more minutes just focusing on breath work and relaxing yourself as you settle in and get used to the feel of the chakra crystal resting on you. Allow yourself to be open to the rebalancing energies of your stone. Your Reiki chakra balancing session now begins.

Reiki chakra balancing stones available on my website
The seven chakras

What Should I Expect During the Reiki Chakra Balancing Session?

It is normal for emotions to release as the reiki chakra stone gets to work on the chakra. If anything distresses you in any way, do not fight the emotions as their presence is a signal for you to work through and release them. Simply focus on breath work and relaxing yourself after the emotions pass. Working with a reiki charged chakra crystal does not necessarily evoke difficult emotions - many people simply report feeling deep relaxation, and/or a sense of calm or peace. There is no 'right or wrong' reponse.

What Sensations Might I Experience when Using the Reiki Chakra Balancing Stones?

Energy waves or vibrations are the most common physical sensations experienced when the reiki energy is released from the chakra crystal. These feelings tend to be localized if working on a specific chakra, though they can extend to all over the body for some people. Some people report the chakra areas feeling warm and/or tingling or buzzing. If you feel anything like this, connect with those sensations and they will go deeper. Keep a blanket nearby incase you feel the need for an additional layer during any part of the chakra balancing session.

How Long Should I Work with the Reiki Healing Crystal?

Half an hour is about right. You may feel tired afterwards, or just so relaxed that you want to drift off to sleep for a bit. Go with it and allow yourself a much deserved nap!

When Should I do my Reiki Chakra Balancing Session?

Each chakra crystal is programmed with the maximum amount of energy possible, and this allows for a total of THREE chakra balancing sessions. Space these out 1 week apart. This rule applies to working with an individual crystal, a few cyrstals OR a full set. If you feel that you need additional energy work, simply order a new crystal. If you are working with more than

My Chakra Stone is Boosted With a Spell. Do I Need to Know Anything About That?

Not really. If you've requested a magic spell to be programmed into your chakra balancing stone, its function is to act like an amplifier. There is nothing additional you 'need to do' or be aware of.

Additional Information about Reiki Energy Products

I wanted to keep this guide simple yet comprehensive. More general questions about Reiki, the ordering process, etc, can be found over on the Reiki FAQ's section, so head over there for some of the more basic info.

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