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Future Love Reading Tarot Spread- Sample Reading

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Here you read a real life sample analysis of a  love reading Tarot spread done for a customer
Future Love Reading Tarot Analysis - A Sample Reading

Many years ago, back when eBay permitted Tarot readings and I was one of the most popular Tarot card readers on the platform, I devised a number of unique spreads that subsequently got copied and utilised by other readers. One of the most popular love reading Tarot spreads I came up with is called Your Future Lover. Across the last 15 or so years of my time online providing love reading Tarot services and other types of psychic Tarot card readings, I've done hundreds of Future Lover readings for people all over the world. I figured that some of you browsing my website might appreciate seeing an example love reading Tarot interpretation so that you have some idea of what tends to get included, so here I have plucked a real-life example Future Lover Tarot reading from my archive for you to check out. I've also interjected commentary between sections to clarify a few things - these comments are in italics and are only present on the sample reading, not real life love readings.

To maintain confidentiality, I have not included the customer's full name. Please note that images inserted in this love reading Tarot sample spread are for decorative purposes only; in the love readings I email to people, I rarely include images in order to (a) cut down on the time spent to do the card reading, which (b) passes on savings to you, and (c) to limit the time it takes to open files on the customer end.

The Future Love Reading Tarot spread involves pulling 5 cards from the deck. The sample love reading Tarot spread below was written back in 2020 for a customer called Lori. She had been single a few years, was straight in her sexual orientation, and had no children.


1. Appearance

CARD: Strength

When looking for indications of appearance in a love reading Tarot spread, it is not always possible to be specific with every single detail a client may hope to know about. Ethnicity, for example, rarely comes through. As for age, that only tends to come through if a significant age gap is present. Zodiac signs can sometimes be obvious, other times it's a total mystery!

This man is someone who tends to get noticed, so I would say he is someone that most women would consider to be a good looking specimen! He dresses well and cuts a rather striking figure when he wants to. He is a tall and broad man who exudes health and vitality. He's in great physical shape and looks after his body. He's very strong and athletic, with an interest in fitness and health maintenance. He has hair that is fair - very light brown to blonde. His eyes are blue.

2. Personality and Temperament

CARD: The Sun

In this section of the love reading Tarot spread, the card that appears here highlights the most dominant aspects. Obviously, there will be more to a person than what comes through in a reading like a Future Lover prediction spread, so here we deal with the most obvious traits - those aspects that are particularly strong and most noticeable about the person.

Sunny, warm and cheerful, this is a man who tends to look on the bright side of life, even when life throws curve balls his way. He has a really positive approach to life and because of this optimism, he's the type of guy it feels really good to be around. He has a great sense of humour and isn't afraid of being the centre of attention. His open, friendly ,magnanimous nature naturally draws people to him and because of this, he feels to be a popular guy with a fairly large social circle. He is someone who prefers company to solitude, and for that reason he comes through as someone who likes to be out and about engaging with life and other people where possible. Confident, direct and assertive when he needs to be, people know where they stand with this guy at all times. The only thing that could be perceived as potentially problematic is that he can sometimes come across as a bit arrogant or cocky if he's having a bit of a hard or stressed out day and you catch him at the wrong moment.

Two cards with the FIRE energy in these positions indicate that this man's birth sign is one of the Fire signs. LEO is the sign that stands out for me.

3. Career

CARD: Five of Pentacles

This part of the Future love reading Tarot analysis looks at their line of work. Note that it is not always possible to be ultra specific due to there being thousands of jobs titles; the Tarot is able to narrow it down to a 'field' or 'area' of work, but not always to a specific role within that area.

His work brings him into contact with people who are suffering through poverty and "lack" in a more general sense. It's a service-based career helping people who have significant financial issues and nowhere secure to live.

4. What They are Looking For

CARD: 10 of Cups

This section of the love reading Tarot spread provides an overview of what their hopes are in connection with a future love interest. Here we find out if they are seeking something casual or something more long term

This card illustrates a happy family together outside on the grounds of their property. There's a lovely sense of love, contentment, security and togetherness, which indicates that these are the types of things he is looking for through relationship. This is a man who is hoping to find the right person to settle down and build a life with. Long term partnership or marriage and a family are things this man hopes to have in his life. This is not a guy looking for something casual or short term. He has traditional goals and values and is seeking someone who shares the same vision he does.

5. Meeting and Prospects

CARD: 6 of Cups

When doing any kind of love reading, Tarot is not always 100% reliable when it comes to time frame accuracy, so it is possible that meetings can occur a little earlier or later than what comes through in your love reading Tarot analysis.

The final card in your Future Love reading reveals that this person is someone you already know, but it was some time ago now and because of this, he is someone that by now, you considered long gone from your life. You have a history with this person that goes back to your early childhood - there is a sense of nostaligia and sentiment in connection with him. I am getting the strong sense of this person being an EX of yours. This person reaches out to you, quite out of the blue I feel, perhaps after tracing you on social media, or finding out about you through a friend connected to you both. The "reunion" appears to take place in the Spring of 2021. The previous card already revealed what this man is seeking, so if your own deepest wishes involve settling down and having children, there is going to be a beautiful meeting of lives and dreams when you reconnect and start getting to know one another all over again.


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Future Love Tarot Card Reading

As you can see from this sample Future love reading, the 5 cards drawn provide a series of clues to help you recognize who the person is when they arrive in your life. Just bear in mind that you should not dismiss the reading if you feel the person is nothing like the type you imagine being with; people can surprise us big time! You will also not get the full measure of a person through any love reading Tarot spread; a love reading Tarot forecast can only provide an outline of someone as it's simply not possible to portray a person in all their nuanced shades through any kind of divination practice. For that, you have to take the time to get to know the person, so give them a chance to reveal themselves fully before you write them off!

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