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Finding a Real Witch - Tips For Searching out a Genuine Spellcaster

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Finding a genuine spellcaster can be tricky. Here I discuss how to exercise discernment when you are trying to find a real witch.
Finding a Real Witch- How to Tell Who is a Genuine Spellcaster

While you are unlikely to find a real witch posing serenely in a gorgeous forest like the beautiful priestess in the picture above, nevertheless, it is possible to find a genuine spellcaster, even if she or he is working from the home office in the PJ's from last night's sleep while casting magic spells! (I have to include myself in this less glamorous group). In this article, I've put together some discussion points to help you navigate what can be a rather bewlidering array of online practitioners to choose from, and hopefully you will come away a little wiser, feeling better armed to figure out who is a real witch - a genuine spellcaster- from those who might simply be after your money. Naturally, I count myself as one of the genuine spellcasters out there, and if you are curious about the types of magic spells I offer, take a peek at my online store.

A Real Witch will have a Decent Reputation

When looking for a genuine spellcaster, checking out their reputation is priority. Aim high, but don't expect perfection! Nobody selling any kind of service, whether it is to do with spellcasting or something else, is ever going to have 100% positive feedback for their magic spell services, so don't set the bar THAT high when seeking out a genuine spellcaster. That's an impossible service standard to hold anyone against, in any field. Disgruntled customers and some negative reviews for magic spells are to be expected, even for a real witch. You need to also bear in mind that there is, unfortunately, a chance of some such reviews being entirely fabricated, devised by some unscrupulous individual in a similar field who has a vendetta against the other spellcaster, or who just wants to tarnish the reputation of others who offer magic spells in order to drive business away from rivals in their field. Yes, this is a thing, especially on the infamous website called The Ripoff Report. Anyone can post anything on there, it's not regulated in any way and legal efforts have been underway for a long time to get the site taken down - to no avail, as yet. Do not rely on sites like that when seeking out a genuine witch, as the reviews are often fabricated.

Sure, read around the net if you have narrowed down someone who seems like a genuine spellcaster- just be careful what websites you use when deciding who might be a genuine witch. Some websites, like Etsy, eBay and Bonanza have systems in place that make it impossible to make reviews up, so those are always a good start when looking for bonafide magic spell reviews. I have worked on all three, but 2 of them no longer allow spellcasting services (although you will still find people pushing their luck on their selling banned things). Just DON'T EXPECT PERFECTION when getting a feel for someone's reputation. A genuine spellcaster will not necessarily have a perfect review history for their magic spells.

2. A Genuine Spellcaster Will Provide Proof that the Magic Spell Work was Done

When I began selling my spellcasting services on eBay many years ago, before they banned all witches and sales of magic spells, I wanted to stand out from the crowd. I noticed that no other spellcaster out there was providing any kind of proof that the spellcasting service had actually been done, so I decided to offer photographic proof of all the magic spells I cast. The common practice was (and still is) to book a magic spell in for a certain day, then send an email to the client to say that the spellcasting has been done. I am NOT saying that everybody out there doing things this way is a charlatan; there are many genuine witches out there who simply don't have the time or the inclination to send photographic proof like I do, or perhaps it just hasn't occured to them. I'm just saying to be cautious; if you choose someone who offers no proof of the magic spells done (eg photos or a video of the spellcasting being done), just be sure their reputation is decent.

3. A Real Witch Will Operate a Decent Website that Provides Thorough Information

When working out who is a genuine spellcaster, avoid at all costs those "one page" websites, or really small websites with next to no information about anything on them. Don't expect a phone number necessarily - the absence of a phone number does not mean the individual is not a genuine spellcaster. I do not operate a customer line as I'd have the phone going at all hours, day in, day out, with people asking me question after question that has already been outlined in my FAQ area. Or people phoning me up who want to go into detail about all their problems, asking multiple questions about multiple spells, etc. I have to set boundaries on my time and energies. I do not have hours each day to field multiple calls. This is how it is for most people in my field of work.

DO look for a good cross section of information about the spellcaster's services.

DO look out for answers to basic info (payment, delivery, booking, etc) to be provided.

DO look for an "About" page and a reviews/testimonials page for their magic spells.

DON'T necessarily expect an active social media presence - a lot of completely genuine spellcasters simply haven't gotten into that side of marketing our business or can't be bothered with it. I'm really apalling at being regular with that side of things!

4. Watch out for Websites Offering Only Western Union Payments for Magic Spells

I offer this option in the rare instance someone does not use Paypal, or has no means to use Stripe in order to purchase my spellcasting services. I hardly ever get a request for this method, and that's good for me, as it's a hassle. But for the more unscrupulous merchants out there, Western Union is the ONLY payment method they offer for their magic spells. Sites like this always provide a phone number and ask you to call them to discuss your case/arrange payment, etc. They get you on the phone, groom you with their spiel, then ask you to send $xxx by Western Union to pay for magic spells (and they are frequently insanely expensive, which can be another red flag). Sadly,I've heard many a story about these types then "ghosting" clients, so beware. A genuine spellcaster may well offer Western Union or similar as "a" payment method for magic spell services, but a real witch will have more traditional methods in place as options too.

5. A Genuine Spellcaster Will Not Scare You with Talk of Being Cursed or Threaten You in Any Way

A comprehensive guide to help you find a real witch.  Don't get scammed! Read my article so you can learn what to look out for when seeking a genuine spellcaster
How to Find a Genuine Spellcaster - Find a Real Witch Help Guide

When seeking out a genuine spellcaster, instantly forget anyone who approaches you with an assertion that you have a curse on you that they must remove. This is an unfortunately common trick to scare you into buying their services. A person like this is NOT, I repeat NOT, a real witch. You might approach them for some general information then get a rather scary email response telling you they have detected a curse placed upon you which needs removing before they can consider doing anything else. It's nonsense. Similarly, instantly ignore people who try to get you to buy additional services and threaten to place a curse on you if you do not comply. Yes, this happens! Do not confuse what I've just outlined with a situation where you "think" curse might be on you and you approach a spellcaster to ask their opinion about your suspicion, as that's an entirely different thing.

6. A Real Witch Will Not Hassle You to Buy More Spells

Anyone sending you follow up emails urging you to buy X,Y or Z after you've made an initial purchase is unlikely to be someone I'd class as a genuine spellcaster or a real witch. A truly genuine witch will not feel the need to press you to buy anything more from them.


I think I have covered all of the basics here, but if I've missed anything out, feel free to comment and I'll update this blog post.

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