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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Luck, Success ,Wishes


In the main menu there are links to magick FAQ's, payment and ordering info and details I need for spell work. PLEASE check the links before asking me things as all common queries are addressed on the website. Thank you.

Below, I have outlined the range of spellcastings I offer for luck, success and wishes. Prices are for ONE casting ; should you wish a spell to be double-cast, please purchase two, and for triple-cast, purchase three. You can mix and match spells to tailor them to your situation and cover the issue from more angles. Corresponding spell kits are available for all my spells , which I recommend you consider in order to empower the magickal work so it is at its strongest and most effective. There are extra choices in the kits section as there are some areas I won't do castings for, but I can provide what you need to do things yourself.


CROWN OF SUCCESS: Use this for success in all endeavors. This formula will help you to be confident things will work out in your favor and it will help you to accept good fortune as part of your life. Use to achieve success on the job, success in studying/exams, success in a personal relationship, success with a personal goal or ambition. Whatever the nature of the situation you seek a successful outcome for, this will help.

GOOD LUCK : A general , all purpose good-luck spell to attract more luck and serendipity into your life

FAST LUCK: Use this to bring fast luck - luck in a hurry. An all purpose , everyday luck formula . Use for all games of chance and for any situation when you need things decided in your favour, right away. General fast luck, everyday luck in a hurry, this spell will change a bad situation into a good one , with faster results ! Best used as an add on to another spell, to hasten effects.

LUCKY NUMBER : A spell to help you recognize numbers which can be lucky for you. You will need to be on the alert after this spell as the hints, clues and pointers can come in many shapes and forms.

AUNT SALLY'S LUCKY DREAM : A spell designed for when you are asleep and dreaming, so that you may receive psychic insights into things that can work in your favour and be lucky for you, whether this be related to financial/gambling issues or a host of other situations.

GREAT POWER MASTER HAND : Do you seek money, luck, power and success? Then choose the Master Hand spell It is used to gain victory over enemies and to effectively rule, dominate and control all those who may work against getting what you want. Control what goes on around you, take charge of all matters that come your way. Have the power to turn bad mojo, bad situations around in your favour. The Master Hand spell is especially good at making luck, making money and making you successful.

EASY LIFE: Get and keep success and luck and positive energies flowing through your life in all areas. Use to improve your life in all departments, to give things a "lift", and to make things that bit easier for you. If life has been espcially challenging or there are many blocks to your progress you might also want to think about getting the "Cut and Clear" spell and/or products too.

MAKE A WISH : Make a special wish come true with this spell, which can be used to make a wish for just about any area of life. A formula that is very often used in conjunction with another formula which is targetting a specific issue , to give your magickal work a power-up, but can be used on it's own too. Make a wish to find a great new place to live, make a wish to get your child into a certain school, make a wish to get a certain job or to wish for a specific outcome of any sort. There are myriad uses for this .

VICTORY : A general victory spell , designed to bring you a successful outcome . Can be used to achieve a victory in a test, exam, interview, investment opportunity , etc