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You will already be aware that I offer Hoodoo spells along with Black Magick spells, but my Cupid's Bow package involves something a little different, as I'll be using Voodoo love spells, alongside working with Voodoo spirits (The Loa) as part of the process. None of my other spe ll work works with any kind of spirits , with the exception of one spell (7 Sisters). If you have questions about what the Loa  are, it is probably best to Google and have a read around as it is a big subject area and too much to go into here. The simplest explanation is that for each of the voodoo love spells you want done, I will be working with/summoning a particular Voodoo spirit to work on the spell with me and "preside" over your situation while the magick is being done, and until it has been effective. You have nothing to fear - no "odd" activity will go on in your home. But you may get some pretty vivid dreams and sometimes the Loa will visit you in these. But I can request that they don't if you prefer no contact.

This special Voodoo love spells service is called Cupid's Bow. Each of the love spells you choose will be one "arrow" shot from Cupid's Bow towards your target! These spells will not interfere with any other magical work you may have going on. They can be viewed as stand alone love spells or used as a kind of add-on service to any Hoodoo or Black Magick love spells work you have  done with me. Working with the Voodoo spirits does give things a deeper edge, but is not everyone's cup of tea.

Each of the Voodoo love spells you choose will involve the following:

1. A Voodoo jar spell (not a honey jar) that I will work on the intention over 2 weeks.
2. A Voodoo love spell candle which I will work on for you, using relevant Voodoo oils and spell mixes, for a 2 week period
3. 3 x triple cast Voodoo spells, done once a week for 2 consecutive weeks

4. You will also be emailed a Voodoo love spells sigil to boost the voodoo love spells your end.


Nothing gets mailed out, but you will receive photographic proof.

If you're interested, I have an article exploring the key differences where Hoodoo vs Voodoo magic is concerned.


Here are the Voodoo love spells you can choose from. If something you want is not mentioned, I can customize it for you.

1. REUNITE - For reconciling with an ex

2. SEPARATION - To drive a couple apart

3. FOREVER - A binding spell. Keep someone in your life permanently.

4. SOLIDIFY - Ground and stabilize an on-off relationship. Facilitates a deeper commitment and steadies things.

5. BE TRUE - A fidelity Voodoo love spell

6. DEEPER & DEEPER - Encourages the deepening of feelings so your target's heart opens up more to you

7. CLEANSE - Works on getting rid of negative patterns of behaviour in either one of you-things that may be hindering progress in the relationship

8. MEND - Brings healing to a troubled relationship. Helps mend hurt feelings, old wounds, repairs things after fighting alot, etc

9. FORTUNE - If the relationship seems to meet with a lot of bad luck/crossed conditions, with life and other people seeming to always get in the way, this Voodoo love spell will help

10. FEARLESS - If your relationship is suffering due to your loved one not being brave or confident enough to take certain actions, or get over their fears and break through their bloackages, etc, this spell is a good choice

11. HEAT - A Voodoo love spell to heat things up on the sensual level. Helpful if the spark has died in this department, or if you wish your target would take more interest in you "in that way". Increases attraction and sexual interest.

12. REACH OUT - A spell to get someone to reach out and contact you after there has been a long gap in communication

13. TALK TO ME - A spell to get someone to be more open with you about how they feel, what they think, etc. It is designed to get someone to be more communicative with you, to open up more to you about what's going on inside of them.

14. STOP ! - This is an influence spell which will target any aspect of your loved one's behaviour that you are not at all happy with. It will encourage them to change their ways and cease this upsetting or irritating behaviour.

15. DREAM - This spell has two objectives : on the one hand, it will make them dream about you while sleeping , which then makes them think about you more. On the other hand, it will help you to dream more about THEM and recieve valuable dream insight and guidance about your connection with them.


16. EROS - For single people to draw a new love into their life.

17. CUSTOM - If your desire is not already mentioned, or if you want the work to focus on something in SOME OTHER area of life, a custom spell can be arranged. As usual, it is one love spell per intention.




Pick the Voodoo love spells you want, then after payment is made, use the contact form to email over the required information. I will reply to give you a start date for the Voodoo love spells work.




You might consider working with a mojo bag to further boost the energies


Voodoo Love Spells - Cupid's Bow Mega Bundle

  • A special mega bundle of Voodoo love spells for an intense release of magical energy. As part of the Voodoo love spells Cupid's Bow package, I'll work on a jar spell, a magic candle, 2 sets of triple cast spells, plus you'll be emailed a Voodoo magical sigil.

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