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Prices shown are for ONE casting of your chosen Hoodoo wisdom psychic or occult spell. Add the item TWICE for a double cast or THREE times for a triple cast (each extra casting adds strength)


DREAM : This spell works to bring you peaceful sleep while enhancing your dreams and your ability to process and clarify their meanings. Choose this spell to obtain  spiritual guidance, supernatural communication and cosmic intervention. The Dream spell can be used for psychic insights while asleep as well. This is a great formula to use if you are interested in the art of dream interpretation .

DREAM OF THE DEAD : This Hoodoo occult spell is designed to help you to make dream contact with a loved one in spirit. This spell is to help you dream about that person and sometimes even hear them speak in the dream.

AUNT SALLY'S LUCKY DREAM : This is a famous Hoodoo spell to help you receive "lucky" dreams. Choose this psychic spell if you would like help in being given hints, tips and clues for winning numbers, gambling strategy, etc

BANISH NIGHTMARES : This spell is to help ease your night time suffering. If you have regular nightmares, this Hoodoo spell can help prevent them occuring so regularly and even banish them all together. 

SLEEP WELL : If your sleep is often interrupted , ie if you wake up quite a lot or sleep very lightly and are just not getting the straight run of restful sleep your system requires, this is the spell to go for. It can also be tailored to your specific needs, for example, if your issue is more to do with insomnia

ASTRAL PROJECTION: Use this Hoodoo occult spell to increase your ability to have out-of-body experiences. Separating the physical body and the astral body enables the practitioner to experience multi-levels of being within different planes of existence. The spiritual practice of traveling into higher realms can be beneficial to the well being of one’s soul and physical body. This formula is often used for deep meditation, spirit contact and soul retrieval, as the astral planes are seen to be populated with angels, demons and spirits. Choose this for personal meditation, dream interpretation, invisibility spells, spirit contact, spiritual healing, lucid dreaming and soul retrieval. An excellent formula for both beginners and professionals interested in personal exploration into the astral realms.

FORTUNE TELLER CLAIRVOYANT : This Hoodoo psychic spell formula is used to enhance ability and accuracy in activities like mediumship, spiritism, seances, tea readings, card readings, channeling, automatic writing and working with ouija boards. Recommended for professional readers and magickal practitioners or for those of you at an intermediate level who would like to make fast progress onto the next level.

PSYCHIC VISION : Enhance your spiritual insight ,psychic awareness and induce prophetic dreams with this Hoodoo spell. Recommended for beginners on the pychic development path.

MASTER KEY : For mental and spiritual mastery, this occult spell is an excellent choice if you wish to strengthen your mental powers and spiritual connection, where this relates to any kind of occult practice you may be engaged in.

BLACK ARTS : This famous Hoodoo occult spell is specifically aimed at people who practice darker magick and who are seeking a stronger connection to the spirit world to make the work more effective.

SPIRIT GUIDE : For a closer connection to your spirit guide/s , so that they may help you to improve at and succeed in any kind of spiritual or psychic endeavour. This spell also works to help you open up and hear more clearly whatever wisdom your guides are trying to impart to you.

SPIRIT : A Hoodoo occult  spell to call upon and see spirits

CIPRIANO : To enhance your magickal ability so that your spell work becomes more effective. A spell that is intended for those of you who dabble in spell work.

Hoodoo Psychic & Occult Spells

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  • You can mix and match any spells. Prices for Hoodoo Psychic & Occult spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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