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Prices shown are for ONE casting of your chosen Hoodoo protection spell. Add the item TWICE for a double cast or THREE times for a triple cast (each extra casting adds strength)


PROTECTION : An all -purpose protection formula when you might not have extreme life conditions to deal with but just want a bit more peace of mind or it just makes you feel good to have one of these. Protect your home, protect a new business, protect a secret , protect a relationship and so on.

PSYCHIC PROTECTION : Strong protection spell used to ward off all psychic attacks, both spiritual and physical. Stop suffering from night time attacks by demons who invade your dreams and body. Protect yourself at a time when you are most vulnerable. This is a favourite of clairvoyants, mesmerists and often recommended by hypnotist for their clients who suffer from neuro-hypnotism also known as nervous sleep. Use to stop nightmares and help prevent spirits from entering your body while you sleep.

FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION: Traditional Southern style formula made using a very old biblical hoodoo protection spell formula. The concept of a fiery wall of protection is steeped in the spiritual belief that one must fight the devil (or whatever you want to call the source of darkness) and all evil with it’s own elemental force, which is fire. This range has been a long time favorite of spiritualist and magickal practitioners who need to protect themselves from the evils they are about to cast out of their clients but can be used by anyone. 

SAFE TRAVEL : This protection spell focuses on protection for all modes of travel, assuring you a safe journey, and can at the same time ease any anxieties you may have about travelling.

STOP GOSSIP : If people are talking about you behind your back , choose this spell to stop their stirring and to re-establish your reputation/standing in the eyes of anyone who listened to bad talk about you while protecting yourself from future gossiping attacks.

BLESSING : A general blessing protection spell which I can perform to bless a new baby, a new house, a new relationship, a new job, etc. It protects and blesses all things in a general way.

ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION : If you are a Christian, this spell may appeal to you. It works to bring the love, comfort, blessings and protection of Jesus Christ to you

Hoodoo Protection Spells

  • You can mix and match any spells. Prices for Hoodoo Protection spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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