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For general information about spell services, ordering, delivery, etc, please be sure to check out the comprehensive FAQ section prior to contacting me with any questions. As with all my spell services, photographic proof will be emailed to you once things are complete.




Booster magick is used to boost the effects of recent or ongoing spell work. It can be used when the affects of a spell feel to be waning, or can be used to add something "extra" to other spell work. For each single spell you want boosted, I will perfom a set of triple casts for that spell. Multiple triple casts can be done and housed inside the one lamp. 

The genie lamp magick booster spell  attaches your spells to a vintage style "genie lamp". The lamp can be kept here with me, or can be sent out to you at no extra cost. There are no photos sent with this work (unless you want me to keep it here for you) as the item itself is proof of the spell work.

Lamp Measurements: 12.5cm X 7,5cm X 4.5cm.

This particular kind of spell booster work involves a branch of magick called spirit summoning. As part of the ritual that is done before the spell castings, I perform a special ceremony to summon a spirit relevant to the kind of spell work you want done. This spirit works with me during the casting of the spell, and once the spell is over, the spirit's energy remains attached to the vessel, constantly imbuing it with it's powerful vibrations to keep the spells in the vessel working at maximum power levels.

Using astral helpers to aid in spell work provides a boost which is a "step up" from other booster work, because the vibrations created during the spell work are particularly strong.
If you choose to keep the vessel with you at home, nobody will realise what it is , so this is a discrete way to keep the magick close to you, but without anyone knowing what you've had done. You then have the opportunity to "bond" with your magick, feeding your own energies into the mix every time you touch or sit with your lamp. The magick becomes more "alive" in your mind , and this creates a positive feedback loop for the spell work to reach it's maximum potential. Any time you feel things need a jump start, just rub the lamp or sit with it for a short while, focusing on visualizing your desired outcome. You don't need to worry about anything strange occuring at home by having the lamp there, as the beings will be prevented from spilling over into your life in any way that might let their presence be known to you. You will just feel a strong and unusual energy when you hold the lamp, but nothing else. So there is nothing to be worried about.

This vessel can have one spell attached to it, or multiple spells. I will summon  the relevant astral /spiritual entity for each different spell, as different intentions require the aid of different beings. Spells will be cast then the ashes put inside the lamp.

Genie lamp booster work can boost any previous spell work, but as most people order love spells, I've outlined below some examples of separate spells you could choose :

Open Up
Better Communication
Better Sex
More Respect
Don't Leave
Deepen Feelings

Any  Hoodoo spells or Black Magick spells can be made into a booster spell with this lamp. Just ensure you select the right option from the drop down menu to reflect the number of spells you want attached to the vessel.




Decide what spell/s you want boosted. Or tell me the life areas/aims and I'll choose relevant magick spells for you. I will also need to know if you want me to keep it here on your behalf or have it mailed out to you. Contact me to discuss or outline your choices before or after placing your order.




Genie Lamp Magick

PriceFrom £55.00
  • Genie lamps will house the ashes of any spells cast to boost past or ongoing spell work. Prices for spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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