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Below you will find a selction of other black magick spells, "other" meaning these spells don't fit into the existing categories but cover other types of common requests people have.

If you have any questions about magick in general, or black magick specifically, please pop over to the FAQ section where all common queries are answered. Many  other types of black magick (love, sex, domination, etc) can be found within the black magick section.


MAGNET: This black magick spell is designed to increase your luck and good fortune with finances. It will draw money to you like iron filings to a magnet.If you play the lottery, bingo or any other games of chance or gambling, this black magick spell will greatly magnify your luck, making it much more likely that you will be a winner.If you are hoping to get a pay rise, this spell can ensure that it happens.If you are waiting on some sort of financial decision to do with a legal matter,property issue or similar, this black magick spell can facilitate an outcome that is in your favour.If you run a business, this spell will help to get you more sales and return customers.There are numerous financial issues this spell can help with - the above are just some examples.

This spell is cast  over 5 days.

Price: £125


ELEVATION: This black magick spell is designed to give you a "lift". If you have been feeling down, flat, in low spirits, or maybe lacking energy, drive and enthusiasm for things, this is the spell to go for. Several different formulas are used to "elevate" your spirits and to give you a positive energy boost that will break through your clouds and make you feel better.

This spell involves 3 spells cast each day for 5 days running, so a total of 15 castings all together

Price : £195


BOOMERANG: A spell to get rid of unwanted magick. It will undo all magick done previously, and protect from future magickal activity. Boomerang is designed to create  a protective "force field " around the person, so that any other magick besides my own (or anyone else you name) bounces right off this shield, never reaching it's target and therefore never achieving it's aims. If you are concerned that some other spell caster is doing magick that is aimed at you or a loved one, it works to destroy it. It will ensure that no other magick effects you, besides magick done by myself, or any other spell caster you trust and work with.

This special black magick spells service involves 7 days of triple cast spells.It is important to get this done before having any other kind of spell work  because the unwanted magick will otherwise block my own.

Price: £195


FIRE AND ICE: Breaks jinxes, curses and protects you.  If you find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to be going your way, with obstacles and challenges and blockages that keep preventing you from moving forward, then i'ts  possible  there are jinxed conditions in your life.In more extreme cases, someone's entire life may seem to be going down the pan, with one setback or disaster after another, with"bad luck" at nearly ever turn. In this kind of more severe case, a curse might be involved.In either instance, your feelings about being jinxed/cursed might be down to your  intution OR you know for sure this is the case as certain information that has come to light for you makes this clear to you.My unique Fire and Ice black magick spell service is a special combination of jinx-killer or curse-removal work, combined with seriously intense protection magick. 

This service will involve 3 nights of triple-castings for the anti- jinx or de-cursing work, followed by 3 nights of triple-cast spells for protection (18 casts total). 

Price: £295


PHOENIX: A  multi-tiered service of black magick spell work to  super charge your life. This  spell will work on various levels to boost your self  image, self confidence, self belief, motivation, ispiration , self love and overall self esteem. Phoenix is designed to attract a huge influx of positive energy into your life, helping to improve and enhance the way your mind works, how you think, how you deal with life and other people and so on. In essence, Phoenix can be seen as a "life-lift" spell, as it targets all the important things that determine if your experience of yourself and your life is a good as it actually can be. This spell encourages transormation on many levels; like the Phoenix, you will rise out of the ashes which are the old you, tranformed into something more brilliant than ever before. It is one of the most comprehensive and extensive black magick spell services that I offer, as it spreads itself across 5 days, with 5 lots of black magick castings taking place each day ( a total of 25 castings).

Price: £495


PARA POWERS: If you want to encourage, enhance and hone any kind of "paranormal" ability, this is the black magick spell for you. . I will focus on up to 3 specific para abilities in this spell, though I can of course laser in on just one skill if you prefer . There are a huge number of potential skills to work with and I can't therefore mention them all here, but examples of the more well know ones include : Telekenisis, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Seeing Auras, Automatic Writing, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Scrying, Divination, Mediumship, Precognition & Prophecy

This spell takes place over 5 days.

Price : £125


PAYBACK: Has someone done you great wrong or hurt you really badly ? Do you want this person to have a taste of their own medicine ? If so, the Payback spell will deliver them a hefty dose of negative energy to cause them all sorts of problems. I can cast this so the spell works on a general level to cause them issues, or I can focus on a few specific things you would like to see happen to them. Just don't request anything that involves injury, illness or death or things like wishing them a nervouse breakdown or psychosis, etc. If in doubt, ask before ordering.

This spell takes place over 7 days.

Price : £150


TOWER: This is designed to break down any remaining walls to making progress in a situation, and/or to solidify and strengthen all recent work. It works to shake things up and collapse any remaining resistance the target of your desires may have. If your target (or the situation) is very stubborn, shields may be higher than usual and require extra power to make them fold so that past or on-going magickal work has an easier time of getting through.Furthermore, it works to fortify all work to date, giving it an extra boost .

This spell takes place over 7 days

Price: £150


SERENDIPITY: A strong, all purpose "good luck" and "positive energies" spell for those of you who don't need full on protection or curse work nor the super charged service offered by the Phoenix spell. This black magick spell works to bring happy coincidences, a sprinkling of good luck and better fortune so that things can go your way more often while new opportunities can open up.

This spell takes place over 7 days

Price: £150



Other Black Magick Spells

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PriceFrom £125.00
  • A range of intense black magick spells for things that do not fall within the other categories. Prices for spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there.

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