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All 30 day spells come with photographic proof to show the work has been done. See the FAQ area for information. The FAQ area answers all common questions about spells and outlines what info I need from you.


Sometimes, basic Hoodoo Spells are enough to get the outcome you want. Other times, perhaps because the issues are more deep rooted, and/or the person is a stubborm type, stronger magick is the way to go. The 30 day Fidelity spell service provides a much stronger option . All 30 day spells use a basic Hoodoo formula but that formula is repeated 30 times to create a super strong vortex of magickal energies.


Has your partner got a track record of being unfaithful in their relationships ? Or has he or she actually cheated on you in the past ? Or does your partner have so much contact with the opposite sex, it makes you feel very uncomfortable so that you get really anxious that they might be tempted to "go elsewhere" or you keep worrying that they actually ARE seeing others behind your back ?

My extreme 30 day fidelity spell casting is the strongest kind of magick I do to encourage your partner to (a)  never cheat on you, (b) to feel sick to their stomachs at the mere idea of going with someone else and (3) to help ease your own fears and make you feel less bothered by these kinds of worrying thoughts.




For this ritual, I focus SOLELY on  fidelity work for 30 castings. I will be using a Hoodoo spell formula called No-One But Me that is designed to encourage faithfulness.

The  work involves casting the same Fidelity spell 30 times. The repetition of a single spell builds up a tremendous cone of magickal power , creating  a super-charged magickal field around you and your loved one, drawing your energy fields and spirits closer and closer together  in a way that a standard spell service cannot achieve.


As I don't work weekends, this service actually spans a longer period than 30 days-please bear this in mind! I will perfom a casting every week day without a break until the spell has completed 30 times. 




30 day spells use Hoodoo magick, which is is a different type of magickal system to black magick. Some people do not like the idea of black magick, no matter what misconceptions I try to clear up about it, so the strong Hoodoo spells is a convenient option for anyone who wants to avoid black magick, or anyone who just prefers the "vibe" around traditional rootwork (another name for Hoodoo). . At the end of the day, just go with whatever you feel most drawn to, so long as it's suitable for your case. If in doubt, please contact me. 




As these are longer spells that anything else I offer, I can arrange a payment plan for you if required. Please refer to the FAQ area for details. 

30 Day Fidelity Spell

  • 30 day spells take magick to the next level. Your spell is cast over 30 days for one of the most intense services available.Prices for spells display in UK currency but international orders are welcome. Please refer to the FAQ area of the main menu for answers to all common questions - everything you need to know is answered there. You can find other 30 day spell services here

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