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Unleash the full potential of your past magic with my 60 Day Booster Magic Spell


                       ***SPECIAL OFFER PRICE FOR A SHORT WHILE ONLY!***


Are you looking to enhance the effects of the spells you've previously had cast? The 60 Day Booster Magic Spell is designed to amplify the power and effectiveness of all your past magic spells you've had done by me in the past 90 day period. Whether you've sought love, wealth, protection, or any other magical intervention, this booster spell ensures that you experience the maximum benefits. If you've had Hoodoo spells done or black magic work, or even a  mixture of both types,  it doesn't matter. This special service will work to reboot and enhance the energies, no matter what sort of previous spellcastings you've had done with me. It is the best kind of booster magic to choose if you have had spells from the black magic range or intense Hoodoo range - either of those spells are strong kinds of work, so having an equally strong booster magic service is the best option.


Why Choose the 60 Day Booster Magic Spell?


  • Amplify Past Spells: This unique booster magic spell recharges and strengthens the energy of all spells cast within the last few months, giving them a new surge of powe


  • Long-Lasting Effects: Enjoy the amplified effects for a full 60 days, ensuring you get the most out of your previous magical investments. During this time, the power of the spell will be at maximum capacity for the full 60 days. Once over, amplification effects will continue for up to 90 more days, albeit with less intensity.


  • Comprehensive Enhancement: No matter the type of spell—love, prosperity, health, protection—my booster magic spell works universally to enhance all your past enchantments.


Experience the Benefits of Enhanced Magic

When you invest in the 60 Day Booster Magic Spell, you're not just boosting a single spell—you're revitalizing your entire magical journey. This spell is perfect for those who have had multiple spells cast over the past few months and want to ensure each one is operating at its highest potential.


How It Works

In addition to the usual envelope castings I do for all spells, I will perform a powerful ritual specifically tailored to your past spells and this will occur on a daily basis. By channeling focused energy into the booster magic spell, I ensure that every enchantment you've received in the last few months is revitalized and working optimally for you.


Order Your 60 Day Booster Magic Spell Today

Don't let your past spells fade away—give them a powerful boost with my 60 Day Booster Magic Spell. Order now and watch as the enhanced magic transforms your life, bringing you closer to your desires and dreams.


Boost Your Magic. Enhance Your Life.

Take the next step in your magical journey and experience the true power of your spells with this ultra-intense magical service. Order today and feel the difference in just a few days!




Just your name will be fine, along with the name/s of anyone else your previous magic spell work has targetted. Send this info over to me directly, as you should have my email address. Or use the contact form.




I will reach out to you to confirm what day I will start.As with all my other spells, I will typically begin within a couple of days of you placing the order, so you won't have to wait long for the magical intensity to start doing its thing. 


I will also send photographic proof of the spell - just remember that photos get sent once a spell has completed, so it will be a fair while before photos reach you.

60 Day Booster Magic Spell

  • Revitalize and amplify all your past spells with my 60 Day Booster Magic Spell, ensuring enhanced power and lasting effects.

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