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Wellbeing & Moving On


In the main menu there are links to magick FAQ's, payment and ordering info and details I need for spell work. PLEASE check the links before asking me things as all common queries are addressed on the website. Thank you.

Below, I have outlined the range of spellcastings I offer for health and wellbeing spells. Prices are for ONE casting ; should you wish a spell to be double-cast, please purchase two, and for triple-cast, purchase three. You can mix and match spells to tailor them to your situation and cover the issue from more angles. Corresponding spell kits are available for all my spells , which I recommend you consider in order to empower the magickal work so it is at its strongest and most effective. There are extra choices in the kits section as there are some areas I won't do castings for, but I can provide what you need to do things yourself.


HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS : Powerful formula to help one loss weight and stay healthy. Choose this one to increase both your will power and the control you need to monitor your eating habits.

MOST POWERFUL HELPING HAND : If life has been throwing too much at you and you are in great pain, if you are suffering deeply and going through a lot of anguish, this will help. Use for help in dealing with all problems and negative conditions sent your way.

HEALING : This is a general healing spell, aimed at healing yourself where there have been problems getting over something or someone, or for healing a relationship in your life which has been experiencing issues .

MIRACLE HEALING : A truly miraculous spell for people seeking physical and spiritual healing. Use for radiant health and mental balance. This is used to ease and remove any and all afflictions of the mind and body. This special formula is especially beneficial for those who have experienced much suffering and tragedy in their life.

ROAD OPENER : Open all roads and unlock all doors to success and better luck. Unblock your luck and good fortune and start to draw in new opportunities. A fantastic spell for removing and clearing out old negative conditions that have been holding you back , this will help create a free, clear path to success and good fortune. Can be used in conjunction with the "Cut and Clear"  or "Blockbuster "spell below.

BLOCKBUSTER : If there seems to be a really bad case of blockages, like you are beating your head against the wall trying to get a situation to make progress, this spell can help.

CUT AND CLEAR : Cut all ties with someone, truly forget someone, help extricate self from a difficult relationship/friendship,let go of past situations and problems, etc. Basically helps to cut all ties with the past and open the way for a happier, more desirable future.

FORGIVE AND FORGET : Helps one or both of you to move on from issues which have been holding back the progress of your relationship. If one of you (or both) have hurts and wounds which need to heal, this will help. If there are problems one of you just cannot forget and move past, this is the formula for you. Where the hurt is very deep and causing great problems, you are advised to get the Deluxe kit to empower the magick with as much energy as possible.

CLEAR NEGATIVITY : Release negativity, outmoded thought patterns, destructive behaviour. This helps you to rid yourself of negative energies which are mental, emotional or spiritual in nature so that a more positive pattern of thinking , behaviour and responses to life and people can get to work in your life. Use to rid yourself of negativity in general, or to target a specific issue you wish to stop feeling so negative about.

SQUEAKY CLEAN : Clear your space from negative energies. Purifies your environment and keeps the positive vibrations flowing in it. Helpful for the home or workplace . Matching physical products are available and advised given your aims require change in a physical space

TURN OVER A NEW LEAF: For fresh starts of all kinds. For new mental attitudes, new ways of behaving, new ways of relating to another person. Break bad habits, make needed changes within yourself, etc.

CLARITY : To gain insight and clear mental blockages so you can see a person or situation in clearer, sharper focus

HINDU GRASS : This spell is used for cleaning out old messes and cutting ties to past events. Works well in tandem with the Cut and Clear spell

TRANQUILITY : When there is confusion, chaos or a great deal of stress in your life, choose this spell to bring you tranquil respite from the pressures around you.

ANGEL : Traditionally, this spell attracts helpful spirits into your life, so if you would like to enjoy a closer connection to your personal spirit guide/s, choose this spell. The Angel spell can also be used to calm troubled situations by bringing a more spiritual vibration to work.

AURA SAUVIS : If you feel that your energies are all out of whack, this spell will help. Aura Sauvis gets to work on balancing unsettled vibrations so that you feel a greater sense of centredness and equilibrium.

CALMING : This spell is used to calm nerves and bring tranquility - an excellent choice to use if you have been feeling upset or worried about something or someone.

CLEANSING : Helps to get rid of negative energies and clear away problems that have been causing you to feel troubled.

GOLD & SILVER : A fantastic spell to go for if you feel that your life (or relationship) has become dull or boring. Gold and Silver works to bring more fun, blessings and excitement into your life.

HAPPINESS : This spell works to lift your spirits and improve's one's ability to enjoy life. If you have been feeling down , if you have been finding it hard to engage properly with life, the Happiness spell can help change things for the better.

HELPING HAND : If you feel that you need help with something, but help is short at hand, this spell can draw the help you need into your life.

MOON :  This spell is for when you want or need a significant change in your life. Sometimes we need a change but don't know how to bring it about. The Moon spell will draw the right kind of changes into your life if you feel things have become stagnant or stale.  The Moon spell can also assist you when you DO know what kind of change you want, either with a situation or a person, and where you need help in making this change happen.

PEACE : A spell to bring peace, contentment and happiness into your life. A good spell to go for if any of these feelings have been lacking.

POSITIVE ENERGY : A spell that is most used when you have a stressful situation to deal wit and are in need of a cheerful attitude to help you get through it with less negativity. The Positive Energy spell can also be used for whenver you feel like you need a good dose of cheery energy to help give you a boost so that you quit seeing things "through a glass, darkly".

SPRING FLOWERS : A refreshing formula, this spell is primarily used for whenver inspiration is required. A helpful spell for seeing things in a new light, for viewing people of situations from new angles, and for creative inspiration, if this has been lacking in your life. This is also a great spell to have cast if your motivation has been lacking and needs a kick-start !

UNDERSTANDING : A spell that is for bringing compassion and understanding between people, where this is needed but has been lacking.