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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Protection,Uncrossing & Blessing Mojos


Each Hoodoo mojo bag spell kit contains the following : (1) A ready-assembled mojo bag ,(2) Corresponding hand-blended magickal incense , (3) 20 ml of matching annointing oil , (4) A packet of magickal sprinkling powder in the same formula, (5) Petition paper , (6) 2 beeswax candles, (7) Charcoal discs and (8) Full instructions. For detailed info about mojo bags and other things in the kit, please refer to the magick section in the main menu.

The price includes free shipping for UK and Eire. For all other worldwide destinations there is a shipping fee of £5 per mojo bag. Please add this fee for EACH mojo kit you require. Simply return to this page after adding the mojo kit to your basket and add your shipping fee .

House Blessing Mojo Bag : A Mojo bag that blesses your house and helps encourage  family happiness, health, and prosperity.

Baby Blessing Mojo Bag : Protect and bless a new life with this Mojo. Place out of sight in the baby's room.

New Home Blessing Mojo Bag : Cleanse and bless your new home. Helps to rid the space of energies left over from the previous occupiers , giving you a clean slate there.

New Job Blessing Mojo Bag : Get off to a positive start in your new job with this Mojo bag, which will draw lots of positive energies your way in the work environment, enhance your popularity and help you to enjoy your work. Protects your interests at work and envelopes your new job in uplifting vibrations.

Relationship Blessing Mojo Bag : Bless a new relationship, an engagement or marriage with this Mojo bag. Imbues fledgling unions and marriages with lots of positive energy and support. It can also be used to bless an existing relationship if you feel that your union needs some protection and healing.

Van Van Purification Mojo Bag : This conjure bag is used to ward off any evil conditions sent your way. Van Van clears out and removes all bad mojo while blessing you with good fortune. There is nothing like a traditional van van herbal mixture to keep you cleansed and blessed throughout the day. Legend holds that it was a Van Van Purification Mojo Bag that was used by voudon queen Marie Laveau for protection against the evil eye.

Uncrossing /Jinx Removing Mojo Bag:Powerful conjure bag used to remove all jinxes and crossed conditions that have been placed on you. Do you feel someone has sent bad mojo your way? Or are things  just going wrong for you all the time lately ? If this is you, then conditions in your life are "crossed" . Someone specific may have jinxed you, or it's just bad luck. Work with this Mojo to cleanse yourself of these conditions. Carry it to remove crossed conditions and jinxes and then prevent more from coming your way. Bring back good fortune and success into your life and get rid of crossed conditions with this mojo bag.

Unhexing /Curse Removing Mojo Bag: If you think your bad luck is more than just crossed or jinxed conditions, you may be thinking that you have you been cursed, that  someone has  put a hex on you. You may even know for a fact that this is so. This is a rare state of affairs but it does happen and it IS very real. If everything in your life is going badly wrong, then chances are you have been cursed . This Mojo will cleanse this evil condition from yourself. A curse or hex is usually conjured up and placed on you by an enemy. You must stop them now otherwise they could very well  ruin your life. Send back this curse to your enemy and keep yourself cleansed of all future curses and hexes. If your case is extreme, you are probably going to need additional help so please contact me for advice on what products to try. You can also check out the Mojo Bags in the listing for "Enemy Work" .

Fiery Wall Of Protection Mojo Bag:Traditional Southern style mojo bag made using a very old biblical hoodoo formula. The concept of a fiery wall of protection is steeped in the spiritual belief that one must fight the devil (or whatever you want to call the source of darkness) and all evil with it’s own elemental force, which is fire. This mojo has been a long time favorite of spiritualist and magical practitioners who need to protect themselves from the evils they are about to cast out of their clients but can be used by anyone. Use with an unhexing or de-cursing Mojo if you feel that your situation warrants it.

Return To Sender Mojo Bag: This has been formulated to protect and reverse any condition that may have been put on you. Carry this mojo for protection against the evil eye and bad mojo. Return to sender, both known and unknown, evil conditions and spells that are being put on you by your enemies.  Send these evil conditions back to your enemies so they may suffer from what they have conjured up.

Psychic Protection Mojo Bag:Strong mojo bag used to ward off all psychic attacks, both spiritual and physical. Stop suffering from night time attacks by demons who invade your dreams and body. Protect yourself at a time when you are most vulnerable. This mojo is a favorite of clairvoyants, mesmerists and often recommended by hypnotist for their clients who suffer from neuro-hypnotism also known as nervous sleep. Use to stop nightmares and helps prevent spirits from entering your body while you sleep.

Road Opener Mojo Bag: Open all roads and unlock all doors to success and better luck. Unblock your luck and good fortune and start to draw in new opportunities. A fantastic Mojo for removing and clearing out old negative conditions that have been holding you back , this will help  create a free, clear path to success and good fortune. Can be used in conjunction with the "Cut and Clear" Mojo below .

Most Powerful Helping Hand Mojo Bag: If life has been throwing too much at you and you are in great pain, if you are suffering deeply and going through alot of anguish, this Mojo will help. Carry for support and help in dealing with all problems and negative conditions sent your way while also working with another Mojo/other product to reverse the bad conditions.

Cast Off Evil Mojo Bag: Strong mojo bag used to remove all negative influences and banish all unwanted conditions in your life, especially unwanted people, be it friends or family. Send evil running out the door, keep troublesome neighbors away from you and keep them out of your business.  Stop gossip and troublemakers from taking over you life. Bring peace, happiness and blessings back into your life. Use for situations that are not as extreme as ones which might make you feel you are jinxed or cursed.

Protection Mojo Bag : An all purpose protection Mojo when you might not have extreme life conditions to deal with but just want a bit more peace of mind or it just makes you feel good to have one of these. Protect your home, protect a new business, protect a secret , protect a relationship and so on.