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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Love Triangles Reading


This psychic love reading is for people who are caught up in an “affair” with someone. Such situations are invariably very confusing, stressful and emotionally charged so the aim is to give you a very honest look at what is going on. This way, you can then hopefully make decisions from a point of greater clarity. Just be sure that you are ready for total honesty as this psychic love reading will not make things up just to feed into your hopes or expectations. Whatever comes through will of course be handled with utmost sensitivity to your feelings,  but  the reading will not be filled with nonsense just to avoid disappointing you, should this look like being the case.

Note : You must actually be sexually & emotionally involved in the relationship you are asking about and not just flirting / getting to know someone. There must be an ACTUAL relationship going on that is hidden from your partner or their partner.

Card One -Your psychic love reading begins by taking a look at what your loved one really feels about you
Card Two -The truth about what they want from you and the relationship
Card Three -How he/she really feels about the other person
Card Four– How you honestly feel about this person and your relationship with them. What might you be denying to yourself or lying to yourself about?
Card Five– The most likely outcome of your relationship
Card Six -Objective advice


Your name , date of birth and city you live in together with the names and birthdates (if known) of all others involved. This includes any one else you and the other person might already be with.

Use the website contact form to send this information over. Ensure you double-check that your email address is entered correctly.

Orders placed Saturday or Sunday will be done Wednesday
Orders placed Monday or Tuesday will be done Friday
Orders placed Wednesday,Thursday or Friday will be done Monday

PLEASE FACTOR IN TIME ZONE DIFFERENCES – eg if you live in Australia, you are 10 hours ahead of the UK, which will likely add an extra day’s wait from your perspective.
Very occasionally there may be a delay with your reading, due to unforseen events, staff illness , etc. We will let you know as soon as possible if a delay is likely.

You will receive a receipt from Paypal to confirm your purchase. I do not send out individual acknowledgement emails - the fact that Paypal sends you (and me) a receipt confirms your purchase so please do not email asking if we have received your order. So long as you have sent over the information required for your chosen service, I will not normally contact you before the  your reading is scheduled.

Please check spam before contacting me to say your Tarot reading has not arrived ! Tarot readings are rarely "missing", they just end up in spam