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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Home Cleansing & Protection


In the main menu there are links to magick FAQ's, payment and ordering info , instalment payment plan option and details I need for spell work. PLEASE check the links before asking me things as all common queries are addressed on the website. Thank you.


This is an extremely comprehensive service to thoroughly cleanse your home from influences and energies which are unwanted, unpleasant, negative or hostile in nature. It also includes strong work to then protect and bless your home so that these influences and energies can no longer penetrate your home .

There are any number of reasons that someone might want this type of magick done, and below I list some of the most common ones :

- Strong feelings that something is just not "quite right" about where you live. You might experience odd feelings when at home, perhaps a sense of being unsettled, or in more extreme cases, feeling jumpy and nervous when at home. You may or may not have some idea of what might be eliciting these feelings

- You have moved into a new home and would like to "christen" the place with a truly fresh start by bainishing any residual negative energies in the home that have built up through the previous occupants.

- You have moved into a home where a previous occupant has died . This makes you feel uncomfortable. Maybe a presence of the deceased lingers in some way, or you feel a bit strange living somewhere where someone has died.

- You have spirit activity in your home and want to try something to get rid of the unwelcome spirit energy and activity

- There has been a lot of difficult stuff going on lately and relations between the people living at your home are strained, stressed or even breaking down. This kind of situation creates a very negative energy build up which causes further problems, so the cycle needs to be broken.


There is some spell casting involved, but the focus of the work involves mailing you out a wide selection of magickal products that I make up for you personally. The items you will be sent are all traditional Hoodoo products specifically used for situations where Cleansing, Uncrossing and Protection work are required. Everything is very straightforward to do, and instructions will be included. Below I have outlined what the service involves.

1. A triple cast Uncrossing/Cleansing spell , with pictures of all 3 castings emailed to you

2. A triple cast Fiery Wall of Protection spell, with pictures of all 3 castings emailed to you

3.  4 large hand-dressed Cleansing candles. These are dressed with special oils, herbs, roots and resins known for their cleansing qualities. Typically, 2 on each floor of the home are required . If you have more than 2 floors in the home, or your case is pretty extreme or you just want more peace of mind, extra candles can be ordered (please email me about this )

4. 4 large hand-dressed Fiery Wall of Protection candles. Again, you can order extra if need be.

5. A 100 ml bottle of Cleansing (Uncrossing) conjure oil, which you can dab onto candles, dab on things in the house, dab on your person, etc.

6. A 100 ml bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection conjure oil

7. A 250 ml bottle of Chinese Wash. This is a traditional Hoodoo mixture used to clean away crossed conditions and other types of negative energies and to clear the path for more positive vibrations. You use some of this mixed in with some water and wipe down surfaces , doors, floors and woodwork , etc, in the home

8. A 250 ml bottle of Four Thieves Vinegar . This is an old time favourite Hoodoo mixture used for protection against undesirable influences. Employed in the same way as Chinese wash and typically used a few days after the "ceremony" of wiping things down with the Chinese Wash.

9. A 500 g bag of Cleansing/Uncrossing Hoodoo sprinkling powder. This is to be lightly sprinkled around the edges of all rooms in the home.

10. A 500 g bag of Fiery Wall of Protection sprinkling powder. Also sprinkled in all rooms of the home.

11. 2 x Fiery Wall of Protection spell bottles. These are  wax-sealed glass bottles filled with spelled herbs, roots, resins and curios known for their protective properties. The bottle is tagged with a special sigil hand-drawn using magicakl Dove's Blook ink. One bottle for each floor of the house (you can order an extra bottle if you have 3 floors - email me for details ).

12. A large bag of Cleansing bath/wash mix. This is to be used when you bathe or wash for 7 consecutive days. The ritual of bathing with this mix will work to cleanse YOU of negative energies you have been absorbing at home.

13. A large bag of Fiery Wall of Protection bath/wash mix. This is to be used once the 7 day Cleansing bath ritual is complete. This mix protects you and prevents any more bad energies being absorbed by you.


If you are in the UK, delivery is free of charge and you select the £225 service. I will usually get things all made up and posted out 1st class within 7 days of payment.

If you are in Europe or anywhere else, there is a flat rate shipping charge of £20. I send via normal airmail so it should arrive within 7 days of me posting out. I do not post with track and trace as the costs are extortionate - it would mean a shipping fee of about £70 !! I haven't yet had anything go missing and often post overseas.