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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Friendship,Home & Family Mojos


Each Hoodoo mojo bag spell kit contains the following : (1) A ready-assembled mojo bag ,(2) Corresponding hand-blended magickal incense , (3) 20 ml of matching annointing oil , (4) A packet of magickal sprinkling powder in the same formula, (5) Petition paper , (6) 2 beeswax candles, (7) Charcoal discs and (8) Full instructions. For detailed info about mojo bags and other things in the kit, please refer to the magick section in the main menu.

The price includes free shipping for UK and Eire. For all other worldwide destinations there is a shipping fee of £5 per mojo bag. Please add this fee for EACH mojo kit you require. Simply return to this page after adding the mojo kit to your basket and add your shipping fee .

Fertility /Pregnancy Mojo Bag: Powerful mojo bag used to increase your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. Carry this mojo if you are pregnant right now, or trying to get pregnant. Will help if you are having trouble trying to conceive, and will protect you in an existing or future pregnancy if past pregnancies have ended prematurely.

Attract New Friends Mojo Bag : If you are feeling a bit alone in life, or would just like to meet some new people who will enrich your life, this Mojo will bring opportunities to make some new friends. Use it to attract new friends in general, or target someone specific who you would really like to become friends with.

Return a Friend Mojo Bag: Has someone gone out of your life ? Are you hoping that they will return, and that things can be made right between you ? Or maybe you haven't see someone in an age but cannot find them, or perhaps someone is just not returning your calls or emails ? If looking to repair a friendship or have an old friend come back in your life, this Mojo bag will help.