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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Family,Fertility, Friends


In the main menu there are links to magick FAQ's, payment and ordering info and details I need for spell work. PLEASE check the links before asking me things as all common queries are addressed on the website. Thank you.

Below, I have outlined the range of spellcastings I offer for home,family and friendship issues. Prices are for ONE casting ; should you wish a spell to be double-cast, please purchase two, and for triple-cast, purchase three. You can mix and match spells to tailor them to your situation and cover the issue from more angles. Corresponding spell kits are available for all my spells , which I recommend you consider in order to empower the magickal work so it is at its strongest and most effective. There are extra choices in the kits section as there are some areas I won't do castings for, but I can provide what you need to do things yourself.


FERTILITY/PREGNANCY : Powerful formula used to increase your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. Use if you are pregnant right now, or trying to get pregnant. Will help if you are having trouble trying to conceive, and will protect you in an existing or future pregnancy if past pregnancies have ended prematurely.

ATTRACT NEW FRIENDS : If you are feeling a bit alone in life, or would just like to meet some new people who will enrich your life, this will bring opportunities to make some new friends. Use it to attract new friends in general, or target someone specific who you would really like to become friends with.

RETURN A FRIEND : Has someone gone out of your life ? Are you hoping that they will return, and that things can be made right between you ? Or maybe you haven't see someone in an age but cannot find them, or perhaps someone is just not returning your calls or emails ? If looking to repair a friendship or have an old friend come back in your life, this will help.

PEACEFUL HOME : This spell works to bring peace and harmony into your home, and is especially useful if things have been up and down quite a bit and need rebalancing. It encourages everyone in the house to get along better.

SQUEAKY CLEAN : This spell works to cleanse your home of genera negative energies which have built up. It clears and refreshes your space. For optimum results, you ought to think about using a product from this range, eg incense and/or sprinkling powder.

DIXIE JOHN : Similar to peaceful home, but geared specifically towards couples whose relationship problems are the issue, affecting home life for everyone concerned.

BLESSING : A general blessings spell to bless anything you would like blessed, eg a new home, a new baby, a new friendship, etc

HOUSE SALE : This spell is designed to help your property to sell, whether it is fairly new on the market or has been around a while.

BANISHING : A spell designed to banish negative spiritual/occult forces from your home. For such a serious issue though, you are strongly advised to work with a deluxe kit to properly deal with the issue. You might also need to check out the "Protection and Uncrossing" spells in that listing.

STAY AT HOME : Encourages your loved one to spend more time at home with the family. If they are away or lot or always busy with work or other things, this spell will work to make them reassess their actions and prioritize family matters more.

COMMUNICATION : A spell that works to improve the line of comminication between people, where this has broken down . A useful spell if there have been problems leading to communication issues of any kind.

UNDERSTANDING : This spell is designed to bring more compassion and understanding between two people. A good choice if there have been problems or misunderstandings, or where your loved one needs to develop a more sensitive approach.

ANGEL : This spell works to calm troubled situations, so if there are issues or problems within the home or family, choose this spell to bring more peaceful conditions and lower the stress levels of everyone concerned.

HOUSE BLESSING : A spell designed to bless the home you live in. A good choice if you feel that the energies at home are unsettled or "off" in any other kind of way. This blessing spell is also a great choice when you move residence and want to bless and protect your new home.