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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Domination and Binding Service


In the main menu there are links to magick FAQ's, payment and ordering info , instalment payment plan option and details I need for spell work. PLEASE check the links before asking me things as all common queries are addressed on the website. Thank you.

Have you tried spell work to achieve your aims but are not getting the results you want ? Sometimes, it is just not meant to be. Other times, perhaps the kind of magick you have gone with is not strong enough. There are occasions when straightforward love spells (or spells for other life areas) just aren't enough. The target may need to be focused on with a firmer grip and YOU may need to think about really putting your foot down with the Universe by getting work done that has a more steely approach.

Whether you've had straigthforward work done and want to do some "add on " work to boost it, or if you've had standard work done and don't think it is helping much, my  2 week DOMINATION and  BINDING services could be just what you need to try.

This is not for the faint of heart - if you are nervous that this kind of magick is "dark" or "bad" then stop reading ! (In Hoodoo, there is no such division in magick). The work this involves is not about turning someone into a glamoured, mindless, marionette - it is essentially about sending out a massive wave of powerful INFLUENCING energy.

Often, the target deep down DOES want to be with you or DOES want to come around to your way of thinking, but has strong walls of resistance that standard work might have a hard time penetrating. Domination work will break these walls down. If a situation does not change after this kind of work, it is probably time to quit trying magick and accept that is is "not meant to be".

The following is an outline of a prototype plan for a 2 week course of Domination work . Each case is unique, so there may be variations.

The course does not come cheap (£240) because an immense amount of time, work and energy goes into it. You do, however, save a HUGE amount by purchasing an intense course ; if bought separately things would add up to twice this amount.  A SLETION OG PICTURES OF WORK DONE FOR YOU ARE ALWAYS SENT OVER. This gives you PROOF the work has been done. I do not merely send emails with "updates", which prove nothing.

I must emphasise that I only wish to deal with those of you who are serious about trying this kind of thing so please only contact me if you are sure this is something you want to do .


1. 7 day Domination vigil candle ceremony.

I take a large candle then dress it with appropriate coloured melted wax , into which a blend of DOMINATION OIL and COMMANDING  oil is mixed. The candle is then surrounded with powders of the same name, which are also sprinkled over the top at regular times.

2. Triple cast of BEND OVER - Gets someone to act according to your will. Or think if it as demanding x, y or z from the universe

3. Triple cast of COMMANDING -Enhances the above

4. Triple cast of COMPELLING -A beguiling spell to target someone's conscience/heart to get them to really feel and see things

5. Triple cast of I DOMINATE MY MAN/WOMAN -Provides more power to you in respect of the influence you have over him/her and getting him to see or do things your way

6. Triple cast of HOT FOOT -drives away unwanted influences , eg partners, wives

8. Triple cast of TIED- to prevent meddlesome people from interfering , eg 3rd party influences, other people interested in him, etc

If you have any questions, fire away.