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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Deluxe  Hoodoo  Spell Kits


If you want to really boost the effects of magick, a deluxe spell kit is the way to go. These are the perfect compliment to any spell castings you may opt to have done and will help to layer on the magick more thickly and encourage longer-lasting results. This is recommended for situations which are quite stubborn or complicated or deep-rooted. These kits can be made up for ALL the spell casting formulas on this site. I have not listed them on this page as there are too many. To decide what kit to go for, look through all the spell castings. Order the kit/s on THIS page and then email me through the contact form with the name/s of your choice/s. If you are unsure what to choose, email me for advice. I do not advise working with more than 3 kits at the same time or you will be overloaded .

SHIPPING COSTS - There are 2 prices given : one for UK buyers, one for overseas buyers (this includes those of you in Southern Ireland). The black presentation box is NOT included for overseas buyers as the dimensions of such a parcel push the shipping costs up to something astronmical unfortunately.

Depending on what Hoodoo spell kit you choose, you will receive everything you need to put together your own (a) mojo bag or (b) everything you need to complete a jar or bottle spell, (c) Full instructions .In addition, your spell kit will contain the following:

•Hand -blended magickal bath mix (Enough for around 10 baths)

•20 ml conjure oil

•Hand-blended magickal incense and a packet of charcoal discs

•3 x magick envelopes (envelopes containing a magickal mix which you burn)

•Special large candle which has been hand- dressed in oils and herbs

•Magickal sprinkling powder , large sized bag

•Magickal parchment paper

•Vial of Doves Blood ink plus a feather quill