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Celtic Cross Reading


These tarot card readings offer the most comprehensive look at your situation that is possible. Exceptionally detailed and informative, this is a tarot card reading recommended for very serious, challenging or confusing situations that require more in depth insight and guidance. This tarot card reading will give you a very broad perspective on the matter and everything that is influencing it. You can also opt for this reading if you do not have a particular issue on your mind, but would like a broad, general, detailed tarot reading to simply see “what comes up” in the spread for you.

Present Position: The real, honest truth about what you are facing , the crux of the matter.

Current influences: Your tarot card reading here looks at the prevailing energies and influences around you, and the situation you enquire about. These may be constructive or potentially destructive. They may be things you are aware of or they make be things you are unaware of.

Goal or Destiny: What we think we want, and what we think will happen, can be things we are not totally honest about with ourselves. This part of the tarot card reading looks at these issues and advises what goal or destiny is realistic with regard to the matter.

Influences of The Distant Past: What, in your distant past might be influencing the situation? Sometimes a problem can be rooted in old experiences or events, or a person from the past. Your tarot card reading will explore this possibility.

Recent Past Events: What has been going on in the recent past and how is this affecting the present ? This part of the tarot card reading will shed light on things that you may or may not be aware of.

Future Influences: Your tarot card reading will here look at what energies and influences are set to enter your life in the near future, and will discuss how these factors might impact the situation, negatively or positively.

Present Attitude: Here, your tarot card reading assesses your present emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual attitude to the situation and describes how this is helping or hindering matters.

Environmental Influences: What, or who, in your environment is affecting your situation ? This section of your tarot card reading will determine how circumstances and/or people are impacting the issue, and what you can do about it if the indications are negative.

Innermost Emotions: It can be hard to figure out just how we feel about something, or someone . Sometimes, we hide our true feelings from our self or from other people . This part of your tarot card reading explores this issue, moving you to confront your deepest, honest feelings about things.

Most Likely Outcome: Your tarot card reading ends with a look at the probable outcome of things, based upon the insights in the rest of your spread.


Your name, date of birth, and an outline of the situation you want guidance for. If you don’t have a particular issue but simply want to see what turns up, please mention this .

Use the website contact form to send this information over. Ensure you double-check that your email address is entered correctly