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CHRISTMAS NOTICE : I am still taking orders but am not back to work until 27th so am unable to acknowledge orders or answer messages until then. Happy Holidays !


Blood Magick


In the main menu there are links to magick FAQ's, payment and ordering info and details I need for spell work. PLEASE check the links before asking me things as all common queries are addressed on the website. Thank you.


Booster magick is used to boost the effects of recent spell work. It can be used when the affects of a spell feel to be waning, or can be used to add something "extra" to other spell work.

Blood magick is not as scarey as it sounds ! This booster magick requires a small sample of your blood. This can be menstrual blood, or other blood. To get this to me, you will need to write a short note to me in your own handwriting , then dab the blood onto the paper a few times over the writing. I suggest pricking your finger with a pin to do this. You then mail the paper out to me, and this gets used in the spell work. Blood magick facilitates a very strong connection to you and the spell work - blood is the most powerful "personal concern" that can be added to spell work and it will link you to the work in a very intense fashion. For this reason, the Blood Magick service is the strongest of all the booster options.

You are welcome to send out a sample of someone else's blood too, if you can get hold of it. You can also send a semen sample (dab on the paper along with the blood. I am not squeamish, so it won't phase me ), or hair from the other person (place in a bit of tissue). If you cannot get hold of something like this, I will use their photo instead.

This booster service involves a triple cast of your chosen spell, which is burned in the cauldron. I add your paper with blood on it to the cauldron, along with any other bits provided plus a  spell petition that I write on parchment paper, using a special language called witch's script. Then, I collect up the ashes from your spell work, place them in a drawstring bag along with herbs, roots, resins and curious relevant to your spell . This bag can be sent to you to keep at home, or if you prefer, I will keep it here with me.

If you want more than one spell cast for this kind of booster service, you only need to provide the one written note, and I will snip off sections of it, ensuring I snip where there is blood. You will need to order separate blood magick rituals though as these have to be done separately for each spell.
Blood magick booster work can boost any previous spell work, but as most people order love spells, I've outlined below some examples of separate spells you could choose :

Open Up
Better Communication
Better Sex
More Respect
Don't Leave
Deepen Feelings

Any spell work on the website can be made into a booster spell. Just remember it is ONE booster service required for each different intention/wish that you have.

After ordering, use the contact form to send over the names and dates of birth of all people concerned, plus a list of the spells you want . I will also require photos if possible - you can send me these after I reply to you, or look for my email address on your Paypal receipt.