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Reconciliation Magick - Bringing Your Lover Back

Updated: May 1

Reconciliation spell work is one of the most common reasons people approach me for spell work. Because of this, I thought it a good idea to give this area its own explanation page, as it is not such a straightforward issue as other things people come to me for help with.

With many life issues, a standard spell casting service often does the job. By "standard" I am referring to the single, double or triple castings option which go from £15-£45 respectively, using Hoodoo love magick spells.

When someone wants to get back with their ex, often or not the standard spell service just won't cut it. It will only usually work if the separation is very recent (3 weeks or less), and/or if the problems that caused the break up were quite minor. There are those instances where someone breaks up with you over something rather silly , and with a bit of a "nudge" with standard spell work, they will return to you. But if the issues were quite serious, or the separation has been longer term, you would just be wasting your money on a standard spell service. Things are further complicated if your ex is now with someone else, which I will go into further down this page.

A variety of black magick reconciliation spells for reuniting with your ex, a friend or family member.
Reconciliation Magick- Bring Your Love Back

Reconciliation Spell Work Options

There are two main options when considering reconciliation spell work for splits that took place over three weeks ago:

(1) 30 Day Hoodoo Reconciliation Service

As the title implies, this kind of reconciliation spell work uses Hoodoo magick. This is NOT the same as Voodoo and is NOT the same as black magick either. Not everyone feels comfortable using black magick, yet they need something intense for their situation. Reconciliation spell work done as a 30 day reconciliation spell is suitable for any split over 3 weeks ago, up to around 6 months ago. Beyond this kind of time frame, you are going to need black magick.

(2) Black Magick Reconciliation Spell Services

I have devised a selection of black magick reconciliation spells suitable for splits that were recent, to splits that happened a year or more ago. Which reconciliation spell to go for will depend on the length of the separation, so please browse the service page

Reconciliation Spell Work Add-on Options

It is common for people to add on other magick spells when purchasing a reconciliation spell, though of course, whether or not you request extra spell work will depend on your unique situation. Let your own intuition be your guide when deciding if you should get some type of additional magick spell work done, because you will know your loved one and the circumstances around the situation far better than I. You may wish to add on some basic Hoodoo spells, or you may wish to compliment your black magick reconciliation spell with some other type of black magick spell. In a situation where there have been all sorts of issues or problems leading up to the split, the more intensive 2 week custom Hoodoo spell service is the best option.

If Your Loved One is Now With Someone Else

This definitely complicates matters. In this instance, it is strongly recommended that you purchase a break up spell that is equivalent in strength to whatever kind of reconciliation spell service you have chosen. Both spells will then begin at the same time. It is uncommon to know any details of the 3rd party, so if you have no name for them, no photo, not date of birth, do not worry about this, as it is not essential for me to know these things. Check out the 30 day break up spell if you want to use intensive Hoodoo magick. If you are interested in black magick, there are a selection of spells to choose from in the black magick break up spells section.

General Information About Spell Work

For queries that are about magick and my spell services in a more general sense, please pop over to the Spellcasting FAQ area, where I answer all the most commonly asked questions. Also be sure to checkout my list of things to look out for when searching for a genuine spellcaster, as there are a lot of scams on the internet now.

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